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Spring is in the winter air . . . Tea at Tympani Lane Records is at home in Montreal and I am planning to be in the Metro busking regularly starting in April, 2007. There is a new poetry offering on Poet's Corner, "The Black Orchid Series: Songs of the summer night" that was written in Toronto, Summer 2006. Watch for more poetry at Tea at Tympani Lane Records.

In the times of the Renaissance and the Medieval period people were married when they were quite young, around 15 to 16 years old and usually to their Fated Others. Anyone caught out around the Spring May Pole ritual may have become the local clergy or traveled away from the village to find a life mate. In the 21st Century it seems people are settling down to have families later and later, it is as if marriage has become a construct of obtaining one's required education,finding one's calling for work and finding employment. Statistics for adult children living at home with parents more often are up and may be a construct of difficulty in finding employment. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution the population exploded and people congregated where the jobs were in cities. The raison d'etre for personal happiness is to be in a love relationship that works and sustains each other. On an emotional level it is difficult to connect with Fated Others for different reasons,too many people are having trouble with their love lives (after a certain amount of consummated love affairs that end it is difficult to make a marriage work on a karmic and psychological level), sometimes people act out the pain of emotional wounds with the original family that were not healed and the pain of relationships that break by becoming gay (when most needed better mentoring and discernment). Approximately only half the population is married, the other half of the adult population is in serial relationships or in some form of wounded celibacy. Approximately 38 percent of marriages break before the 30th Anniversary (Canada). Making informed decisions is the way to lessen psychic, emotional and actual violence. When considering a course of action it is best to research and ask a lot of questions before embarking on a course of action. If you are very conflicted it is possible to anonymously call a crisis line, for children and young adults there is the Kids Help Phone, the numbers are in the front of any phone book. (However, in my experience for really superior help and emotional healing Deep Process workers are my best recommendation). For young adults and anyone it is important to lessen collateral damage and conduct your love life in an honest and seemly manner leaving as few hurt feelings and misunderstandings as possible. Reading books on dating and relationships and asking older brothers and sisters, friends, trusted others for advice all help. Ideally an older relative will guide you in discernment around your love life, there are always more questions to ask. Sometimes your family may have a plan for you including a marriage partner, it is important to know who you are in relation to your family and in relation to the community. Ideally one would marry ones Fated Other but after much dating, networking, and a certain amount of waiting people have been known to marry cousins. However it should probably be considered as a last resort and with some genetic counseling if children are wanted. The fewer intimate relationships you have the easier it is to make a relationship work for the longterm if you are well suited and committed to relationship and family. For most after the first affair, the second relationship is the one that usually becomes the primary focus. After three to five intimate relationships it becomes very difficult to make a bonded intimate relationship work (but not impossible). It is important to keep a clean marriage bed and not defile the font to keep a relationship longterm because if you lose respect for each other the relationship may break. Then there is the inevitable question of what to do when your Fated Other shows up after you are married. It is not right that one should be separated from ones Fated Other and it is not right that a mated couple should break. As an alternative to all or none relationships, a kinder more accepting community could consider double bonded unions, so that people are not caught out in wounded celibacy, so that the person that is not the Fated Other would be looked after in a kind and loving manner. Not for everyone, but covenants are meant to be covenants, broken covenants lead to violence and war.

One of the most interesting and arresting books I ever read was "The Man Who Thought His Wife Was a Hat" by Oliver W. Sacks. In the book a man who was a famous orchestra conductor was treated because when he looked at his wife he thought he was looking at a hat. So in essence his visualization cue was different, he could be sitting at a table but the table could look like an orange to him even though he would be feeling the table with his hands. He had a brain anomaly. To compensate for his struggles with existence he immersed himself in music. After I read the book a little voice said "like you". I quietly thought not much of it until many years later. I did not understand that I had telepathy until I was 28 years old but I could only understand about 5 - 10 percent of other people's thoughts. It was like sitting alone in an audience waiting for the curtain to rise, not knowing there was a very large pumpkin behind the curtain. I also see in visualizations, I often picture something before I do it and the visualizations are also linked to memory cues. I can control written word visualizations but not picture visualizations. When walking down the street when I was about 34 years old someone with a visualization of a hand struck the front of my head and showed me how to gather in the strands and at that moment my third eye was connected and I was able to understand people 100 percent of the time telepathically. Now I have a very great amount of telepathy, psychic ability and visualizations. Special thanks to the person who woke me from a long sleep, a small course in miracles . . .

The Way of Peace,

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