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The lilacs are in season at the Atwater Market and the Summer Solstice is being celebrated at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. In agricultural society people would wear brightly coloured clothing and flowers with feasting and dancing at Summer Solstice.

I have been working at getting my business/poetry/music files back in order after the computer crash. I am hoping to be in a spoken word and music venue (launching CD: Dance Summer Blue) with the infringement Festival Montreal 2011 in June, watch Touring Information for an announcement. Also in June I am being published on the blueskiespoetry.ca web site, a Western Canada publishing house – And Blue . . . and Fish and Stone on June 27th and June 30th, 2011. I plan to burn some CD’s of The Madrigal and Dance Summer Blue for sale from the stage or @ www.tympanilanerecords.com. Poetry is writing but songwriting has slowed. I am working up about 10 new songs (mostly from the CD: Spirit Horse and CD: In Blue . . . ) for playing this Summer in the Montreal Metro . . .

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.”

- Buddha (Religious Leader, Prophet)

“Always do the right thing, the way that doesn’t hurt innocents, despite trepidation, the costs in violence will be less in the long run.”

- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

The following are thoughts on how fear can cause our thoughts, words and actions to create situations of self-sabotage and karmic dissonance so the very event we are looking for does not happen. Fear can self-sabotage situations so the very solution you want to create becomes elusive The Tao exercise of grasp-bird-tail illustrates this concept. All things are given, when you go to take something it slips from your hands.

Fear as a knee-jerk reaction can cause acting out that hurts others (innnocents). I suspect the unofficial rules of the Western economy developed since World War II are based in fear, they are afraid the economy won’t work, so it doesn’t. Because innocents are hurt it is karmic dissonance so the very economy they are attempting to grow spirals into apathy, debt and war. Rather than thinking “who would work if they could be on welfare”, it is better to think “when I work I am enfranchised, and receive food, shelter, healthcare, education and a happy love life, fulfilling the “social contract”” or “everyone does something, otherwise we’d be too bored.” What you dwell on/think about, grows, so the emotion of “fear” or “anger” will stay with you creating disharmony and possibly words and actions that will have negative consequences.

It is best to process the feeling of “fear” so that you achieve your goal and create win-win situations. In my experience it is best to work with your emotion of fear (often coupled with anger) by doing release work (beating on pillows and deep breathing), exercising and deep breathing (clearing), prayer, meditation, get hugs, a massage, journaling and some positive dialogue. If there are truths you cannot accept, processing of your emotions can take the sting out of your anger/fear so that you can experience acceptance and perhaps the sorrow that comes with it. The Pining Prayer and Healing Prayer are good for healing sorrow and will take away the emotional pain of loss (usually if you are missing a loved one). After processing your emotions it is better possible to create “blue sky” solutions and put the best karmic and overall solution in place to produce win-win situations, creating karmic sonance.

Karmic dissonance occurs when an innocent has been hurt, a key piece of information has not been passed on, sins of omission or sins of commission in which someone has had their calling for work frustrated, or has not been able to marry their star-crossed or most suited lover or has had too many lovers/left a lover and/or has been disabused to suicide, rape or murder. Whoever causes the hurt to an innocent can become depressed and/or paranoid, depending on how serious the offense was, they will be living in a negative emotional state equivalent of Hell. My theory is you already claim the emotional space upon your final reckoning with God depending on your actions. So if you do good works, always operate in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, not hurting others, creating win-win situations and don’t take too many lovers you will already inhabit heaven in an emotional sense. Having too many lovers creates karmic impurity and can cause depression and negative emotional spaces often causing addictions, suicides and/or murders.

With the current economy (lower employment, higher tuition fees etc.) it is important that people are not frustrated, I suspect the less frustrated people are the less violence there will be. So low inflation, low prices, low tuition fees and low-cost housing with all newly created jobs being part-time or permanent part-time could create a living economy. Coupled with happy marriages where people are marrying their star-crossed lovers, weight could be taken off the healthcare and welfare systems (see the Love Economy Revisited). Rules are supposed to promote safety and in the case of the economy, prosperity. In my understanding of spiritual karma, benign power constructs that do not hurt innocents will create positive karma, wealth and enough. Any system that is against the Holy Spirit and hurts innocents will eventually collapse and end in ruination.

Children could be introduced into the Online Economy by being instructed in the difference between right and wrong (not hurting others), not cursing each other and the basics of spiritual and cultural principal. A course in the “Social Contract” for young adults so they have an understanding that they have a calling for work (with the taking of aptitude tests) and that in return for working at a job they are perfectly suited for, they receive food, shelter, education, healthcare and a happy love life (marrying their star-crossed or most suited lover in covenant). The young adults could also have some instruction in dating ritual and how to handle their love lives, the importance of staying karmically pure and not cursing people.

Any strong emotion, like fear or anger can live in and influence thoughts that manifest in words and actions. It is important to process the feelings so that they become less charged and do not create negative outcomes where innocents are hurt or goals are not achieved. Never force a situation, using blunt force of will is a violence that will be reflected back to the sender, particularly in love. Either that special love exists or it doesn’t, often there is just a filial or brotherly love but when someone is upset when the special love isn’t there and tries to force the situation by being too aggressive or totally withdrawing they lose the filial love that existed.

Karmic dissonance is created when fear overrides spiritual principal causing ideas or policies that hurt innocents. All policies should respect the individual and the individual should be socialized in karmic principal and cultural practice. Understanding of the New Way and the Online Economy comes with dialogue and right thinking, a recognition of place in Community and of the expectations of the “social contract.” Benign cultural power constructs could introduce new life through marriages to star-crossed or most suited lovers and be harbingers of a new peace.

The Way of Peace,



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