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infringement Festival Montreal
Picnics in Awkward Spaces – June 16th, 2011 – 5 p.m.

Picnics in Awkward Spaces is grassroots experimental theatre that kicks off the opening of infringement Festival Montreal, 2011. During the Summer street festival, St. Laurent Boulevard becomes a walking street fare and on the corner of Guilbaut a very large sign declared the infringement Festival picnic. Some table linen was spread with offerings of food and wine, as people walked past they were invited to come eat with us and given Festival programs. Invented by infringer/artist Melanie Kal, the picnic event is a ritual of dinner in unexpected or awkward spaces, “somewhere you wouldn’t expect to have a picnic” says infringer/actor/writer Donovan King, “it is about reclaiming public spaces” and an interesting comment on personal vs. public spaces and perhaps on the dialectic of modern love. Society and public spaces have a regimen that is "pre-defined, boxed-in and regulated movements and activities" public territoriality of the urban wasteland. In the public forum people become displaced in "the 'apartheid' of polluted environments", out of synch in architecture that at the same time defines us and oppresses us. Welcome to Picnics in Awkward Spaces.The gathering moved from beers at Bifteck out into the street a little after 5:00 p.m. Talk was about the multinational aspects of the Montreal flag between mouthfuls of cold pasta salad, homemade bread and cheese. “I have a theory that too many boyfriends or girlfriends causes addictions, murders and suicides, it actually makes people murderers . . . but not you, your soul colours are too nice.” “The latest thing I’ve been hearing about is testosterone poisoning . . . after every big sports game people get violent and riot in the streets . . . and this is due to testosterone poisoning.” “Would you personally punch in a t.v. set?” “Not if it wasn’t mine.” Everything was friendly, people talking to us as they sat out in front of the restaurant next door or as they passed by until about half an hour into the party some security showed up to hassle the infringement. They persisted and soon the police showed up, lingering, telling infringer Donovan “I hope you are calling your lawyer” as he was on his cell phone. We invited the police and security people to come eat with us but they declined. Eventually the security people said we could stay for an hour as long as we did not have any alcohol. At this point I left the infringement, not being a fan of police acting out between the big messes. I left the infringers in a pensive mood and hope they infringed long into the night up on St. Laurent Boulevard.

infringement Festival Montreal – June 16th – 26th, 2011

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