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infringement Festival Montreal – The infringement at The Fringe Festival aka Car Stories aka Donovan’s Birthday Party or was it?
– June 19th, 2011 - Parc des Ameriques – 2 – 6 p.m.

A bright sunshine day walking up St. Laurent Boulevard during street festival. Upon arriving at The Fringe Festival (Parc des Ameriques) there was Donovan and some friends talking rather loud to the security of The Fringe Festival. Donovan and friends had shown up to party at The Fringe to celebrate Donovan’s birthday and Car Stories. However, one of the security people recognized Donovan and would not allow him or anyone he talked to into the Fringe Festival. The controversy with the Fringe Festival goes back 10 years, on June 19th, 2001 Car Stories was kicked out of the Fringe Festival on the orders of a corporate sponsor. One of the infringers was videotaping the exchange. Donovan was saying The Fringe “won’t let artists into The Fringe Festival.” People going into the Fringe Festival were catcalled by infringers, “Oh, you must be apolitical.” Two women in blue jump suits, sashayed elegantly past the security, one as if carrying a very large tray of side ribs in the air for Fred Flintstone’s dinner. Donovan placed a number of cell phone calls, one to the police. There were a number of heated exchanges. Donovan said, “What if I drew with my piece of chalk a line on the sidewalk marking the difference between public and corporate space, this is supposed to be a public park.” The security guy said, “I would have to stop you.” It was the Artist vs. Mr. Joe Public, a past of too many girlfriends, perhaps some booze and guys ready to beat on each other. But whatever argument Donovan and friends had had with the Fringe was in the past, it was an argument about ethics with a corporate sponsor, it was not like they were axe murderers or had been messy drunks.

Having not had my morning coffee, I drifted over to the coffee shop on the corner. I watched from across the street as 2 police arrived. When I returned the loud security guard, Donovan and friends were gone. I suspect they continued Donovan’s Birthday Party on a happier note somewhere else. Happy Birthday, Donovan!

infringement Festival Montreal – June 16th – 26th, 2011

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