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infringement Festival Montreal – Spoken Word at Concordia Coop Bookstore –
June 21st, 2011 – 9:00 p.m.

It is a warm Summer night in Montreal, I head out early and finding no one playing in the Guy Concordia Metro rotunda, bring out my guitar and play for a couple of hours. I head to the Bookstore behind the Metro but find it locked and so ask for directions to the Concordia Coop Bookstore, with help from a couple of people, I find the quaint old fashioned storefront advertising the infringement Festival Montreal and head inside. On the roster is Ra’akone, Laurence, Jason and me, Rebecca. The stage is set in front of a beautiful green tile fireplace, I set up my guitar and old ottoman with the big green books and the music stand. A small friendly crowd arrives, friends of friends and friends of the infringement. Laurence takes the stage and announces the infringement. Ra’akone, an English Montrealer is the first act, wearing a sarong, he is an experience of experimental theatre that includes spoken word poetry, chanting/singing and comedy. The Spoken Word makes fun of social norms in Be Normal and one favourite is Bella Lugosi’s Dead, it is all a little crazy and fun, one of the works is punctuated by the howl of a wolf. Ra’akone began writing poetry in 2002 “and started at the open stage at Grumpy’s in 2005.” After about 30 minutes of fun Laurence takes the stage and recites some of his spoken word poetry. An old favourite, Laurence has been writing poetry for 20 years, an avante garde comedic style, including Don’t Eat the Gollum, To Kill or Be Killed and Mr. Seek and Dr. Hyde. Next, Laurence introduced Jason, the comedic genius behind Forget the Box Television and the J.C. Sunshine Show a comedy show featuring his stuffed dog Rex and sidekick Ricardo. Jason did a round of stand-up, a mix of slam poetry, comedy and even singing including creating a comedy riff from status updates on Facebook on his cell phone. Jason said, “I am not really a Spoken Word Poet but I play one in bookstores . . .” Next, Laurence took the stage and performed more of his poetry, some written on an old computer spread sheet from when he was in university, adding a sense of history. Then he introduced me, Rebecca Anne Banks, as the headline act. I read from my new book of poetry, In the Time of Winter and then picked up the guitar to sing a few songs, some from the new CD: Dance Summer Blue, ending with RainSong III. Laurence passed the hat and people were generous. To another great infringement Festival night in Montreal.

infringement Festival Montreal – June 16th – 26th, 2011

The Way of Peace,



P.S.: Fellow infringers and friends of Rebecca Anne Banks, don’t forget to improve your door security at night so you don’t get unexpected company.

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