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World Message of Peace

infringement Festival Montreal – Dumpster Dive Art Drive – In the Alleyway behind Bifteck – June 26th, 2011 - 5:00 p.m.
Picnic in Awkward Places at Mount Royal Park by the Citadel – June 26th, 2011 - 7:00 p.m.

A quiet Summer late afternoon, I walked up St. Laurent Boulevard from the Sherbrooke Metro, turning into the alleyway off Guibault there were pink chalk hearts decorating the street, past some dumpsters leading to the art displays. On the street, there was printed, “Bruce Wayne was here” and “Lies – think” was printed around a chalk head and “I love your shit” was printed around a pink heart with a small tied plastic bag. A group of “patrons” and infringers were gathered together enjoying wine and cheese as they drifted between the displays and the wine “tray” on the back of a dumpster. Each display was accompanied by a Title card and Description, the art pieces found in the alleyway and glorified as art displays. The first display was Titled: “ABSURDITY” by the Artist: Oilman, Materials: plastic sandwich container, Description: ridiculous, Cost: $3,000. Another display Titled: “Ass Tray” by the Artist: Poo-Belle; Materials: chain seat, ass, chalk (what was left of a plastic seat and cigarette butt); Description: A tray for putting things on; Cost: $249.00. And then there was Title: Party Pack by Artist Poo-Belle, Materials: tollies, grinder, pack (a car gas cap, empty wine glass, wine cap, a package of zig zag papers), Description: Party Time!, Cost: $99. Mounted on a dumpster was Title: Sexy Trash by Artists Maj and Poo-Belle, Materials: dumpster and sexy pics, Description: Trashy-Chic, Cost: $25,000. With an ecological message, Global Warming Disaster X Shitstorm! by Artist EcoHawk; Materials: Devastated umbrella and associated filth; Description: This sculpture symbolizes where the planet is going due to extreme weather caused by Global Warming, a shitstorm!; Cost: The future of the planet. The Dumpster Drive Art Drive challenges the viewer to laugh and perhaps think about the current state of the social flux, the ecology and the dis-ease of the 21st Century. As well as presenting “trash” out of context and as if not beautiful maybe containing secret messages about the universe. The vernissage is a send up of the high priced art scene and the general malaise of love and the post modern world. After the Dumpster Dive Art Drive the party headed up to Picnics in Awkward Places, Mount Royal Park, and the Citadel . . .

We went into the small grocery store across the street from Bifteck and picked up some wine and food. Then we walked up St. Laurent Boulevard and across to the park, the guys led the way and I fell behind (they have longer legs.) We camped out on some table linen and people slowly arrived with the awkward dance of public spaces. “To a successful infringement, no one got arrested (although there were a couple of tickets handed out.)” “It’s all about the Muse, the vibe, a lot of controversy.” “The Fringe is up against the top leaders of cultural resistance.” Some police walked by, “They had heard about Free Speech at the Gazebo.” Talk drifted to the concept of critical thinking being taught in public schools and the concept of God as universal truths, and the validity of mythology. “What a lovely day.” Jason arrived with fresh corn on the cob . . . Not wanting to make a late night of it, I left the gathering early. Thank you to the infringement Festival for a happy infringement.

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