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Enchanted Forest @ Galerie Point Rouge, 2471 NotreDame Ouest, Montreal.
July 21st to September 3rd, 2011

Enchanted Forest is an art exhibition of paintings, some minimalist or Abstract in the front rooms of the exhibit, more post-modern paintings gather in the back rooms, mixed with sculpture and furniture. The student exhibition of furniture tends towards modernist design, with a half table reminiscent of a deer, the seeds of artistry beginning to bloom in young artists. The Lucie Chicoine paintings along the back wall capture ones attention with their beautiful subjects of young women that coalesce as you step away from the painting as if colored rain on glass. The black and orange images sing with the poetry of rain, seminal work. Marie-Paule Chanut’s work is large square lacquer paintings with lines of smaller squares all applied in layers as if bringing order out of the chaos of dark spaces. The abstract work is inspired by the work titled “The square of Malevitch” a Russian artist painting in the 1930’s. A large off-white painting contains a series of thumb prints. Marie-Paule Chanut says “the square catches the substance of the painting . . . it is about the story of the board, like a reflection of yourself, the image is made.” The sculptures of Marie-France Bourbeau are long tree limbs with ceramic torsos of people fashioned at the top, haunting the gallery spaces and perhaps influenced by the traditional folk art of Quebec. Marie-France Bourbeau says, “I find this beautiful, the natural forest shaped by the human hand.” The front rooms play on the theme of the forest with an Indian totem carving, a stuffed fox, the horns of an elk and a magic plastic cheetah, “it runs forever” by artist Vladimir Mindek. The back rooms feature a ménage of paintings of different genres all captivating the patron. Come visit Galerie Point Rouge and experience the Enchanted Forest.

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