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"Live by the sword, die by the sword."
- Collective Wisdom

“Stay away from the death house . . . ”
- Paul Richard (Landscape Architect)

“Beware false corollaries, false cultural paradigms.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Philosopher)

"A culture should free people, not put them in cages."
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist, Philosopher)

The following are thoughts on the importance of not following false paradigms that hurt others and the good karma of positive ritual in daily life . . .

Important not to follow false corollaries that hurt innocents. Pagan Religion is basically a procreation religion with much Old World wisdom, however it also has an underside that may include human sacrifice. My theory is that human sacrifice rites were introduced when a false witch with conflicting soul colours, a tendency towards violence and with charismatic leadership qualities polluted the basic wisdom of the Old Ways. At first infants that cried too much were sacrificed on Equinoxes, then instead of murdering infants they made a game out of murdering old people. Much of this clandestine activity led to the Inquisitions and witch burnings, although often portrayed as “witch hunts” I suspect that occasionally amongst the murder of innocent women was the murder of a murderer. After World War II, I suspect a disabused historical cue was the basis of the geopolitical turmoil of the Cold War.

The sacrifice of innocents and old people is a false “way” and should be irradicated. Any corollary that hurts innocents should not be followed. Always, people are at choice, you do not have to follow ways of violence, hold your friends and people who support you close, do not associate with people of the dark, make your own way amongst the people of the light. The karmic dissonance comes back to the perpetrator “thrice x’s thrice” or 9 times, and could involve losing ones teeth (from shame), addictions and the creation of negative energy that could cause the perpetrator to suicide. Beware false corollaries.

The current society with cursing of leaving lovers (or anyone perceived as the “other”) creates situations in which people could suicide or become murderers from the violation of having too many lovers. A Community that has vested interest in the welfare of everyone (rather than just wealth creation) would go out of its way to ensure that everyone has a happy love life. A realignment of values so that people valued happy marriages, friendships, their calling for work and had time for each other, a gift of the restructured Online Economy would mean an end to violence and the death culture of North America. Benign cultural power structures would ensure that more people have happy marriages, with happy marriages cultural power structures would not be harmful. People in happy marriages, in my opinion, are less likely to be violent, less likely to be mental patients, less likely to be addicts, less likely to suicide or murder others, less likely to be on the streets or in the prison house. Just because a corollary exists does not mean it is meant to be used; the basic teachings of Christianity bring peace, that people should not hurt others or themselves, that the Holy Spirit, the Spiritual Mysteries and the ways of least harm, with socialization in the culture will keep people in the light and grace of the Spirit preserving peace in our personal lives, peace in the Community.

With the decline of the Catholic Church due to negative cultural practice, the state of positive ritual in the Community is in decline or morphing into secular society. Also, when people’s love lives are so broken it may be difficult to celebrate. Why is it important to celebrate events in people’s lives? Celebrating births, birthdays, deaths, marriages, Sundays (taking one day off work a week to worship the Creator), prayer, eating meals with others in Community is important because it creates social inclusion, celebrates and lifts peoples spirits, creates a certain social cohesion so that people can feel celebrated in their lives as if bringing order out of silence and creates positive synergies and good karma with the Spirit. A place that does not celebrate positive ritual is cursed, their may be bug infestations, less synchronicity and a general oeuvre of malaise or dis-ease, it creates negative karma. In the Old Agricultural Society, there were major feast days that were celebrated with a giant bon fire, feasting and celebration. These festivals brought the entire Community together at least 4 times a year in the celebration of the Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox. In the Industrial Society, the celebration of ritual was delineated by shift work, when someone was not working the rituals were scheduled in. With the Online Economy we are in a place of ultimate flexibility for time so that it is possible to hold positive rituals, often potluck dinners or ad hoc parties of celebration at anytime. It is important to step outside of the computer and commune with people. Taking one day off a week (Sunday) is a good practice, it gives you respite from work and gives you family time, time for prayer (I find if I don’t do this when I’m working for monies, it “curses” the coming work week, time schedules get muddled, things don’t flow as well, there isn’t as much synchronicity.) The ritual of mealtime is a sharing time that keeps people in sync with their Community, is a time of information sharing, is a giving of life and sustenance, a celebration of enough. Personal prayer, can keep you balanced in the bad times and help you celebrate the good times, it is important to pray because the dance of life includes the help and dance of the Spirit. Celebrating birth, death and marriage rituals intones the blessings of the Creator, creating positive karma, marks the place in the life of the individual with celebration and gives the Community a chance to celebrate the event. Any positive ritual that includes the gathering of the Community, the breaking of bread, a prayer to the Creator is a celebration that creates good karma. Good karma creates peace and enough.

The Way of Peace,



P.S.: The corollary of war and the German elite of the Second World War (with the Shoa against the Jews) found themselves committing suicide. A list of suicides of German elite from the Second World War: Eva Braun (Adolf Hitler's mistress), Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goering, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler.

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