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Blue quiet days flower into Summer . . . Montreal is the city of love. New Poetry Ebooks are being offered at Tea at Tympani Lane Records with new poetry samples on Poet's Corner and Ebooks for purchasing on the Shopping Page. A new poem that was conceived and written over the winter,The Song of Longtime Summer, the poem is offered under Works in Progress on Poet's Corner. I have been busking in the Montreal Metro and am greatly encouraged by the warmth of the crowds. The concerts are listed on the Tea at Tympani Lane Records web site (Biography and Touring Information) and on My Space, www.myspace/rebeccannebanks. Also, I am playing at a coffeehouse, Cafe de l'Artiste Verdun on Saturday, June 16th, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.

The Metro is a wonderful celebration of the underground city. The Metro was built beginning in 1966 with many additional constructions over the next 30 years. Mayor Jean Drapeau held a competition of Canadian architects and each of the 73 Metro Stations was designed by a different architect. The cars of the trains remind me of blue hippopotamus' and run on rubber wheels so the trains are very quiet. Each Metro contains art by different Quebecois artists and the architecture becomes a postcard of Post-modernism and Pop Art influences from the 1960's. However, the architecture of the buildings is timeless as if cast in Escher blackline drawings that go somewhere, the giant gothic caves with gates become the cathedral of song. The architecture of the Metro Stations is in rhythm with current art influences of Requiem and a celebration of classicism. Like a dream the days unfold inside the heart of the underground city with celebrations of music that carry throughout the many storied stoneworks.

Old world European communities experienced life in a different way than the modern world. It was slower, everyone was known to each other, people had an idea of life, of what it meant to be part of the community. The issue of trespass was handled differently, if there was an argument, the issue was made public, the elders sorted the matter in the Spirit of least harm, the parties reconciled. If the person on the wrong side of the argument disagreed with the truth of the matter, the entire community ostracized this person. The ostracized person would spend time alone and either come into line with the community or stay alone. Problems with this conception reside in the strength of the elders understanding of the way of the Spirit and in the Community's faith in the interpretation of the elder. There is a certain karma to all actions and ways of life, the cultural mores and lifeways of the community. If people are not mentored properly the ways of the community become lost, the loss of tradition jeopardizes the safety of the community. Weaving peace in the community is a matter of the heart, if people understood themselves better and had a better idea of how to conduct their love lives there would be peace in the community, peace in the world. In the modern world the idea of absolute "freedom" is at odds with the lifeways of the community. One is only free to think, say or do something as long as it does not harm others, where someone ends and another begins is the boundary at which the entire world turns. It is possible to trespass against someone and not realize it. If there are social mores or rules of the community it is only right and fair that everyone know them, otherwise people are constantly in a state of trespass which causes havoc and violence in the community. It is possible to trespass against someone and realize it. Sometimes people act out against others in their grief and anger rather than dealing with their emotional issues in an effective way. Often the culture or the mass media is an influence that needs points of reference or context so that teenagers and people are not misled in ways that cause them to hurt themselves or others. It is not fair that someone should have more than influence, even jurisdiction over another's life path, it is one thing to give an opinion, it is another to enforce an opinion. Forgiveness is the light of love, and the Bible says to forgive and even love your enemies. When the Spirit of Good (or one of the 10 Commandments) is broken the trespasser becomes insane, a paranoid or a depressive and this occurs in varying degrees depending on the trespass. Thoughts and speech lead to actions so it is important that these are even handed telling the truth within a juxtaposition of light and dark in the Spirit of Good. Everyone is first a person and to acknowledge this is to acknowledge the places where we ache and this is the beginning of dialogue and truth. All actions begin with thoughts, to cause peace and right thinking people need to understand that breaking the Spirit of Good hurts themselves or others and to change peoples thoughts is to change peoples actions. All it takes to stop violence or end a war is for people to agree that there is to be no war or violence individually and in consensus. Consensus of thought brings change. Strained resources and intimate relationships that are broken or unhappy, rape and grief over the murder of loved ones often leads to violence - food, shelter, meaningful work, a safe community and a working love life lead to peace. The ideal of the economy is a prosperous community in which everyone has what they need, in actual goods and services and emotionally. The Way of Peace,

Have a great Summer . . .

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