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It is the cold and quiet of autumn night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Poetry EBook Without Borders has been launched exclusively at Poet's Corner, www.tympanilanerecords.com. Poetry is writing but songwriting and performances have slowed. Quilt designs have been presenting themselves preparing the way for a winter of sewing and perhaps writing of The Demaricon . . .

“You can be standing right beside someone and not realize that their psyche, their life has been utterly destroyed.”
- someone on Twitter.com

“Discrimination is a disease.”
- Roger Staubach (Athlete, Businessman)

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
- Mother Teresa (Nun, Saint)

The following are thoughts on “the other” in the New Economy . . .

As if the great karmic dissonance of collective blasphemy (2 World Wars, Vietnam War . . .) and perhaps individual blasphemy(broken marriage vows, cursing of ex-lovers . . .) over the last 100 years, suddenly we find ourselves alone on an island, with a laptop, gazing at our navels wondering what to do next and rethinking priorities. With streamlined computerized systems there is less work so there is great disparity some people have traditional full-time work mostly in services, there is contract work (with people out of work between contracts, making it difficult to save monies or own property) and a proportionate amount of unemployed. These conditions make it difficult to own property or investments and stresses the welfare rolls. Part-time work could take the weight off the welfare rolls, particularly if it was permanent and consumer prices are low. With the aussage of full-time work gone what is left? Many people channel their energies into the arts, the burgeoning arts becoming a cornerstone economic base of society as well as means of karmic redemption. It would also help if there was a Renaissance in love, so that people were married to their star-crossed lovers or in a well suited marriage and that cultural power constructs were benign. With escalating violence, periodic riots with violence in the West, it is important that people are not frustrated in their educational pursuits or their love lives and that consumer costs are low. As if the society has reached its zenith of obliteration and needs to evolve into life. The West needs to go through a restructuring of values from sexual licentiousness and more to happy marriages and enough. With the gift of time the world slows down into friends and family and a real life, life isn’t about owning expensive things or shopping but about the values of satisfaction in what you do as an artist/part-time worker, family and social life. The computerized society could grow into an Online Economy that brings back real values of love, peace and harmony to a very broken and fallen world.

What happens to "the other" in the New Economy?

Firstly who is the other?Potentially anyone you don’t like and tend to exclude or be mean to. Traditionally the other is gays, whores or people who have multiple sexual partners, drug addicts, alcoholics, violent actors, mental patients, ex-convicts, people on welfare, traditional family enemies, Blacks, people of a differing psychological type, people of differing soul colours, people who hurt you in past lives, etc.

Not liking “the other” and not affirming them, making them a scapegoat is a value judgment. The dislike may exist because you think they are hurting themselves, or because you perceive them as trespassing against you (if they are on welfare they are living off the taxes on your pay cheque or they may be unsocialized in the culture etc.) or because it is intrinsic (traditional family enemies, people of different psychological types, people of differing soul colours) a feeling in your gut of dislike wells up your throat or because of self esteem issues you need someone to beat up on to feel better (discrimination.)

If you don’t like someone leave them alone. It is not right to scapegoat someone just because you don’t like them. If something is wrong, it should be arighted, if “The Other” is breaking with the Holy Spirit and hurting others; perhaps some enlightening dialogue in the ways of the Spirit or in the ways of the culture (even if just telepathically.) Some dialogue in passing as an acquaintances is civil, if someone wants more of your time the relationship should be reciprocal, if you do not want to give more of your time just say the truth, “We are not similar enough to spend more time together” or “I do not feel comfortable spending more time with you because we are not kin” or something to this effect, keeping the person as an acquaintance. Most of the cases of “the other” exist as a direct result of the abusive culture of the Western industrialized society.

All peoples should be well versed in spiritual truths as well as cultural mores. Get educated from your family members, elders and people in the street. Better child rearing practice – parents in happy marriages, working part-time perhaps in the home with the Internet, spending more time raising their children. To make good choices in your love life/calling for work it is important to know yourself. This means get feedback from trusted friends/family about your essence, how much influence you have, how sensitive you are, what is your psychological type (free aptitude tests over the Internet), what are your favourite colours (your eyes get bigger when you look at a particular colour) etc. Figure out what your priorities are, if you are being frustrated in your goals expand your contacts, travel, maybe move to a new place.

In the Online Economy everyone should have a solid baseline of knowledge to work from with effective socialization. Ideally this creates the conditions for happy karmically pure covenant marriages and people in perfectly suited jobs. If someone is having trouble getting their love life sorted, a caring Community would help this person with mentoring and discernment, practicing inclusion and ways of least harm. In my experience it is the “odd ducks” people with unusual or mismatched soul colours, of unusual psychological construction (because they grew up in single parent homes or had a conflicted home life, had violent experiences or witnessed violence etc.) those with inadequate socialization, those who are extraordinary in some way or people cursed by others or ex-lovers that have trouble with their love lives. Sometimes to find a marriage partner you need to socialize with people who are the same psychological type or those who are distant cousins. There are certain karmic basics of love lives – they should be with someone of the opposite sex, ideally you both should be karmically pure, the relationship should be with your star-crossed or most suited lover, the relationship should be longterm and in covenant, you should not defile each other sexually (this could end the relationship). Intimate relationships that veer away from this can get you into trouble. Having multiple serial sexual relationships (more than 5) can leave you karmically impure, angry, depressed and sorrowing from violation issues and may be difficult to make a longterm relationship work. This can lead to addictions, violence and suicide. (In my opinion it is not impossible to make a karmically impure relationship work, don’t take out your angst and emotional baggage on your lover, it may help if one of you is karmically pure or if you are very well suited). Having a gay relationship can make you karmically impure (even people who are queer have star-crossed or more suited opposite sex lovers), there may be “unofficial” cultural rules about coming out so ask around. Sometimes people take a second lover, mostly men may take a mistress. If this second relationship occurs while you are still karmically pure and you are very well suited it could be a satellite marriage continuing in covenant over the longterm. If all the people are very well suited, they could possibly live together forming a successful social/economic unit in the changing economy. Often these situations of “the other” are accomadations to being cursed, the violence created by attempting to hold on to lovers who are not suited to you is an injustice and a sin. In my opinion it is important to give no more than a curse of public opinion. Over time peoples psychological types may morph (and people may get together again) but if your soul colours are not very well matched or if you have defiled each other sexually or you do not like the persons inner child you may not connect again. If someone finds a new lifestyle arrangement in their love life and is happy and people aren’t being hurt then so be it. However, it is my guess that better mentoring and discernment (people were meant to be married to their star-crossed lovers or more suited lovers not filling in for the elite's security paradigms) and less cursing in intimate relationships, marriages would be more happy and successful and the society would be more cohesive with less violence. I suspect there would be less pedophalia, less people in mental hospitals, less homosexuality, less addictions, less suicide, less rape, less street people, less people in prisons, less violence, less debt and less war. If people practice better discernment and the ways of least harm there are no more power struggles between individuals (and communities) and over a reasonable period of time everyone would be settled into a suitable marriage.

The industrialized world is constructed to create wealth for the elite. The suffering from broken love lives, unhappy marriages creates economic drivers, hones workers and creates a population of “soldiers” ready to go to war. The karmic dissonance of the suffering of innocents, the emotional violence often grows into actual violence, addictions and suicide, on a national level creating debt crisis and war. In the transition time to the computer-based economy, the underclass of people who are creating wealth ideas may live in abject poverty because of the sheer volume of arts producers, the good elite may look after this person by channeling them what they need, some economic drivers may become quite successful economically because of their suffering and talent. In the New Economy less people fall through the cracks, inclusion and better communication of spiritual/cultural principal ensure the majority of people will be in good marriages, the Oracle quotient will go down allowing greater recognition of seminal artists, the society will be less violent, inexpensive mass-produced birth control will prevent the population from going up. Good marriages lessen the weight on the health care system, the mental health system and the correctional system. The “unofficial” economic/love relationship rules fall by the wayside because they hurt innocents, cause karmic dissonance, a debt ridden and war economy, the New Online Economy is the love economy, cultural power paradigms become benign and people stop cursing each other. Part-time work and work over the Internet creates less financial disparity between people and less stress on the welfare rolls, if consumer costs are low people can live inexpensively. People may meet in ad hoc gatherings on the back porch, buying cheap beer from the supermarket and have pot luck dinners, making their own fun and getting caught in front of the computer like they used to get caught in front of the tv set. To save costs people may be walking and riding bicycles, taking public transit, rather than driving expensive cars. It becomes a do-it-yourself culture, with more time and less monies, it is possible that people make what they need (using wholesalers for supplies), relying on how-to information on the Internet, rather than spending monies on first-run goods or services. Secondhand stores and dollar stores become regular shopping with people looking for bargains on Internet secondhand search engines (i.e. Craigslist, Kijiji), going to restaurants or the movies becomes a treat rather than a regular occurrence. The physical marketplace may shrink, as people order in from the Internet, because the physical marketplace is part of the social cohesion of the Community it should not disappear altogether. The Internet/computer is the cornerstone of society and could reshape post-secondary education and politics and be used in new innovative ways as yet not imagined keeping costs down. Perhaps further education could involve students with laptops with downloaded notes, watching tapes of their professors with tutorials in local pubs, everyone connected by email or Internet forums keeping education costs down. Town Hall meetings of politicians could be broadcast over the Internet with people voting for their favourite candidate from in front of the computer or on referendum topics increasing public participation in the electoral process and creating a better political synergy, a better democracy.

As communication increases through the use of the Internet all parties are heard, decreasing discrimination and ensuring that people get their needs met. If someone needs something they get it. People become more important than monies, values shift to happy families, better health, living life well with enough. Everyone sits in front of the Internet with the entire world in their living room, with the recognition of the “other” people share their stories in dialogue, share their resources rather than compete for them, there is no more geopolitics, win-win situations ensure cohesion and a new age of inclusion, communication, international cooperation and world peace.

The Way of Peace,



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