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World Message of Peace

“SiMPLE” art exhibition by ARPi @ Galerie Point Rouge, Montreal
September 5th to September 11th , 2011

ARPi is a local graffiti artist, his paintings have come in off the street with his personal message of peace. The large canvases feature spray painted animals, a beautiful dogs head in black on white, some baby ducks, some frogs and some coloured birds, all individual figures in size large. The canvases of the exhibition dance with magic and life and just a touch of whimsy. There are also 2 paintings of trains in yellows and grays perhaps inspired by the Metro underground. The exhibits in the front rooms portray spray painted gold cans languishing inside a toy train circle and a bed sits in front of a television. Perhaps a comment on forgiveness and isolation in the post modern Western culture. The exhibition is an extension of his graffiti art and ARPi’s beliefs in “antiTERRORISM”:

“Those that pretend to fight terrorism with guns and bombs are seriously lying. For me, its SiMPLE. To oppress, only encourages oppression. To love, encourages and cultivates love. I am happy and proud to realize that I am surrounded everywhere by anti-terrorist super heros. Indeed, wherever my feet take me I see people who love to share: food, ideas, culture . . . Anywhere in the world, people love to meet up with their peers, play music, dance, laugh, eat, drink, make love. However, we rarely associate these acts as a fight against evil . . . which is what gives these acts strength. I encourage everyone to cultivate the positive in their lives as much as trying to eliminate the negative in the lives of others. I hope to pay tribute to all of the heros that we take for granted (especially the one that is inside each of us). For all of the home cooking, tended gardens, doors held open, seats offered, hugs, chubby dogs and cats, and especially walks around the neighborhood.”

The dog and cat art on the corner of rue Charlevoix and Notre Dame Ouest is also by ARPi, an artist blooming in the burgeoning Romantic Enlightenment.

“SiMPLE” by ARPi
Galerie Point Rouge
2471 Notre-Dame West
Montreal, Quebec.
H3J 1N6

The Way of Peace,



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