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In the darkening days of autumn the harvest of beautiful orange pumpkins and multicolored gourds is piled high down at the Atwater Market. I picked up some orange Japanese lanterns for flowers and some orange cap squash for the Thanksgiving table. The Book of Blue is still writing and I am working on a new as yet untitled book of poetry. Projects are bubbling at Tea at Tympani Lane Records . . .

The following are thoughts on Existentialism: a culture out of context (Part II) . . .

“God is dead” (Gerard de Nerval, Novelist). As if they were punishing themselves for the blood guilt of the second world war. What type of society would produce an atomic or H-bomb – the annihilation of the “other” as a reflection of self esteem issues, the struggle for resources, fear of not enough, fear of death. Competition or the struggle for more, is a consequence of the drive culture, the aussage of work for a broken love life.

Life is a journey of cultural mores and spiritual truths, it is not necessary to suffer greatly to discover all these mysteries on your own. A good mentor(s) can explain these mysteries. The spiritual mysteries can be explained by showing you what grace means and explaining the signs of mystery of a star-crossed lover, becoming karmically impure after 5 lovers, becoming karmically pure after a lifetime of service or an art's calling, the pining prayer to relieve heartache when a lover has left, the descernment or "staking" prayer to see if you are suited to be lovers, the mysteries of the work guilds etc. at least telepathically (there may be a cultural or spiritual rule that the details of sacred knowledge is left unspoken. I suspect you may lose your grace if you exactly describe a Spiritual Mystery verbally and it may be bad karma akin to naming God.) There are at least 12 spiritual mysteries that I know of. God is subtle and communicates in visualizations, if you are not expecting the happening it may be easy to miss. There is a certain symmetrical order to the universe because God is love so I suspect that everyone gets the same picture communication upon key life events. There are also signs from God for discernment of the truth if you have suffered greatly and are pure in the Spirit.

The idea of good vs. evil is based in Christianity and at its root means don’t hurt others and consequently you will not hurt yourself (through bad karma.) Hurting others can include sins of omission, not affirming someone, slandering someone, not including someone socially, discrimination, physical and emotional violence or just not doing the right thing and creating a situation where innocents get hurt, they may miss a marriage partner, do not have children, miss a job opportunity, become alcoholics or drug addicts, may be physically injured, commit suicide or kill someone. When people do not treat each other properly and cause great hardship the world becomes not safe, ceases to be a democracy and can lead to war.

People may experience the world differently, for instance some people are very sensitive and some not so sensitive, if an intimate relationship breaks on a scale of 10, most men may hurt only 2 or 3 times while a woman may be hurt 8 to 10 times more. In my experience most men are less sensitive than women. This means know thyself and don’t get into intimate relationships that aren’t carefully mentored and discerned. Ideally intimate relationships are meant to be longterm in covenant with a star-crossed or most-suited lover.

In my experience most people like to spend more time with people they are simpatico with, cousins and/or people that are the same psychological type. If you really like someone but they don’t want to spend time with you, you may not be a great love of theirs (you may not be the right psychological type for them) keep looking for other better suited friendships/lovers. If there is great conflict with someone stay away from them.

People with great influence are often left with the question because we can do something should we do it? The answer should always be the path of least harm to innocents. War is blasphemy when innocents are hurt, there are cultural rules of war based in the old world wisdom of the agricultural society. However, ideally a society steeped in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the universal spiritual truths that educates and mentors its children effectively would produce happy marriages and not a society of miscast soldiers, drug/alcohol addicts, violent outcasts and suicides. All cultural power constructs should be benign not causing harm to innocents.

If everyone did the right thing following the ways of the Holy Spirit, the ways of least harm, so innocents are not emotionally or physically hurt, half the problems in the world would be solved. The key principal is to not throw the first stone, if there is an unexplained violence it is important to investigate and discover the truth so it doesn’t happen again and so there are no witch hunts in which innocents are persecuted over a period of years.

With the New Economy driven by the computer there is a new freedom of communication, education and business. However, the intrinsic nature of the magic communicator is that it streamlines procedures creating less employment. According to a major Wall Street business woman “the American Dream is dead.” With no jobs, there is no loans and no credit, it becomes nearly impossible to own your own home. In the manufacturing economy of the 1950’s home ownership was the cornerstone of American public policy, an aussage for an ill-suited marriage, the boredom of factory work and eventual death. At least if you had nothing else you owned your own house. The new Online Economy offers an enlightened poverty, freeing us from manual labor with greater opportunities for entrepreneurship creating a dearth of producers, it is a consumer market keeping consumer prices competitive or low. Inclusion is offered by greater ease of communication and information sources. The unhappy truth is that a great percentage of the world lives in poverty, the shape of the New Economy needs to be one that encourages peace, decreases violence and creates enough. See Newsletter: The Love Economy Revisited. The love economy has people in happy well-suited covenant relationships hopefully with their star-crossed lovers with permanent part-time work they have a calling for and costs/prices for the consumer are reasonable or low. The Love or Online Economy is cast within the Spirit, life becomes centered in family and friends, time becomes a gift that is a celebration, there is no great brokenness or suffering from multiple lovers, decreasing addictions, suicide and violence. The values of the culture shift from owning material goods/wealth and from being centered on death, violence and war to a culture of love, celebration and peace. The culture becomes reclaimed through the understanding and communication of cultural/spiritual principals and the discontinuation of negative cultural power paradigms that hurt others. The culture/people become in context with the Holy Spirit.

With the great suffering from the war, the suffering of economic drivers, the morphing to a computerized society and an arts culture has created great consciousness and a certain Zen of enlightenment in the survivors. As if the dark time of Existentialism has moved the Western World into a new place of inclusion where people recognize each other and cultural/spiritual mores are communicated creating peace, democracy and life. The path of Existentialism is a harsh one that threw more than half the population into the place of Oracle, a space haunted by the suffering of too many lovers and a journey into violence with a greater likelihood of suicide and with the possibility of karmic redemption through the Holy Spirit. The suffering of this journey is not meant for the vast majority of the population, for many the world has ended in the violence of addictions, rape, murder and suicide as if some experiment in social manipulation and the economy has created too much karmic dissonance leading to violence, a debt crisis and war. The rediscovery of cultural mores and the universal truths of the Spirit give a base line of morality from which to determine thought, word and deed creating peace and preventing needless suffering. An understanding of the difference between right and wrong so there is no injustice, no hurt and better communication between peoples. Better mentoring and discernment in love lives prevents emotional disasters and lessens the cursehold. With the new Romantic Enlightenment, it will be possible to educate the children so that they may discover the love and trust in mentoring, creating positive synergies in their love lives and discerning a calling for work. The culture becomes in context with the Holy Spirit, aided by the New Online Economy recreating time, education and worldwide communication the world morphs into Utopia, the dream of peace, love and enough.

The Way of Peace,



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