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“O secours!” Art Exhibition @ Galerie Point Rouge, Montreal
October 12th to October 29th, 2011

Montreal’s best kept secret Galerie Point Rouge offers art candy for the connoisseur and anyone interested in the beauty, healing and magic of New Age paintings and art installations. The latest art exhibition has furniture accenting the works of the artists, giving new form to “O secours!”, featuring Alexandre Chartrand, Lucie Chicoine, Anik de Repentigny, Emile Shamie, Jean Milon and Pascal Milon, making the art come alive as art installations.

The works of artist Lucie Chicoine never cease to instill wonderment. The girl subject painted in morphing poses and colours captivates as sister, goddess, angel, beauty, dancer and magic. The acrylic paintings on wood are layers of coloured rain through glass golds, silvers, oranges, yellows, blues pulling you into a world of celebration. The works are paradise found after a long journey, the evolution of post-modernism into the Art Nouveau of the New Age. I cannot say enough about the inspiration of this seminal art and artist.

Anik de Repentigny presents very large mixed media paintings influences of DaDa and Abstract art captivate in their textured stone work. “Trio béton” is a tryptich in grays, that draws you into the ceramic effect emoting a feeling of calm. “Trio color” is also a tryptich in beige, brown and gray, the effect gives an irresistible urge to put your hands into warm stone. The large abstract stone spaces challenge in their simplicity and bring the natural world indoors.

The new works by Emile Shamie bring the story of the nude into large, coloured works. The works are exciting with movement and poetry, in a puce green colour. The painting on the front wall, is of a nude woman sitting on her knees in pure colours of oranges and greens, the background is stylized trees in oranges, it is as if the entire painting is on fire, a very beautiful work. Under the work is an old fashioned clock and a telephone. On the back wall is a collection of smaller works, some portraits in black ink, a nude and some coloured landscapes. Of the naïve school in soft strokes the artist has made the nude sing with colour and form.

The works of Alexandre Chartrand are exciting in their new comic book style. The large abstract offerings are powerful representations of singular human subjects in blocks of pure colour, the unexpected use of unconventional colours for skintones is challenging and creative as if designing satire. A favourite that almost made me weep, is the man in greens with green skin behind orange prison bars. Reminiscent of negative out takes of a roll of film, the Art Nouveau works present the great skill of the artist.

The digital printworks of Jean Milon feature manipulated images that are a mix of the surreal, super realism and graffiti art, challenging the viewer. “Politiquement correcte” or “Politically correct” has a sign that says Vota Eames and the portrait of a man on a billboard attacked by ink splashes. “ManuFrance” pictures the outline of a submachine gun on a red wall. The subject of “PonThoi”, a very large work, a truck carrying a Metro car over a bridge in vivid “photographic” imagery has edge. The works are riveting and could be named “Protest Art” in the changing New World.

The works of Pascal Milon are also digital prints in the vein of Graffitti Art, photographic outtakes but more Abstract. The dominant colours are black, red, gray and bright yellow with such titles as “Mur du son”, “Sins unique” and “Place aux Armes.” “Defense de stationner” features a half nude girl with a no-entry symbol. The entire work is loud, bright and dark playing upon the themes of street signs, symbols, iconography, and “Protest Art.”

On the back wall, there is a very eclectic collection of paintings of mixed genres, something for everyone.

A very strong art exhibition featuring a mix of the best New Age artists and their newest works, pushing past the limits of post-modernism into an array of styles that illuminate and captivate in exploding starfire, “O secours!”

Galerie Point Rouge
2471 rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, Quebec.
H3J 1N6

Nearest Metro: Lionel-Groulx

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