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It is quiet with cold and Autumn night at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Poetry EBook: Letters from Ixtapa will be published exclusively @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records, next month. I am continuing to write poetry for The Book of Blue . . . it may be a long winter.

"The Goddess of Old Europe and Ancient Crete represented the unity of life in nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration."
- Carol P. Christ (Writer)

“There are rules of culture, social mores or behaviour. In white culture each line of Elite families has their own cultural rules or rules of behaviour - if broken could be severe consequences.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“Getting your love life to work in happy covenant is like rocket science. they making people soldiers.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“When it’s safe to be a girl in N.A. again, I’ll come back.”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on women of the Western World as victims of a violent culture . . .

Women may be made victims of the Western culture through cursing causing them to be rape victims and whores. The cultural protocol only exists for elite white families, my guesstimate is 1 in 3 people are the elite and there may be enemy agents/geopolitics in play. Forgetting or not knowing the cultural protocol could result in someone’s death, in turn causing the protagonist’s love life to be sabotaged, so that they cannot marry their Starcrossed or most suited Lover, and in the worst case scenario may be left as a whore in serial relationships making them a rape victim. Sometimes the female protagonist is forced to sexually service members of the family of the person who was murdered (perhaps under hypnosis) or may become a target of the men in that family for rape (possibly making the female protagonist suicide), in return for the “hit” not being returned. If the “hit” is returned and an elder in the protagonist’s family dies the family may disown the protagonist and beat on them with the goal of making him/her suicide. So the person must leave the family and make their own way, often with a cursed love life. When they are old they may be considered a target if there is a disagreement between younger members of the family and their contacts. Also men and women may be cursed by their ex-lovers for leaving.

Sometimes people go on “witch hunts” when people die looking for cause and effect when there may not be any, the world becomes like a detective novel, and people’s lives may be ruined when the truth cannot be readily discerned. The truth may be discerned by consulting village elders (Oracles) and people who know the family before taking action. Another way to discern the truth involves the protagonist finding karmic redemption through a lifetime career in the arts or a calling for work after having more than 5 lovers (this takes about 20 years).

For most women when they are cursed their personal lives are ruined, they may not be able to marry, may be stuck in serial intimate relationships, may be rape victims, may become whores actually, may become celibate, may not have a family of their own, may become alcoholics and drug addicts, may become economic drivers, may act in and suicide or may act out and become violent. The untold suffering of women (or anyone who is cursed) in the Western world is an abomination.

Sometimes, the family and Community can purposely withhold cultural/spiritual knowledge so that the young woman must take the marriage partner the family has planned for them or to make the young woman a whore, sometimes the father in the background collecting monies from her lovers. Sometimes people have plans for you, they may want you somewhere i.e. a nun in the church, a politician, a whore, or with a certain lover for elite body double security paradigms etc. and withholding cultural rules makes so many misunderstandings in the community, it puts you in a position where you have to show up to get a Lover or to get the society to stop beating on you. By withholding cultural protocol information a woman can be made into a whore and economic driver, so that as the woman suffers in rape situations she is being milked to run other people’s businesses.

In my observation, only very few women are capable of having serial relationships and not getting severely depressed and/or committing suicide. Rape makes women soldiers, hard and tortured – constantly losing lovers can make you feel ugly and give you self esteem issues. Violation issues can give one “artist’s rote” where you are constantly in a state of containing your anger so that you do not act in and hurt yourself or act out and harm others, often leading to depression. You may not be able to have a family of your own, if you have children you may be a single mother (the way being very hard if there is no husband or family in the picture or if you do not have a lot of friends). Serial relationships can make you karmically impure, giving you emotional baggage so that it is difficult to make a longterm relationship work (even if you could have a longterm relationship). Sometimes cursed women become celibate or may experiment with homosexuality. Being celibate without a family can be very lonely. Because of celibacy and/or sexual violation, women may become alcoholics or drug addicts, street people or mental patients and economic drivers.

Defiled women are very bad karma for a society, women are special, usually more sensitive than men and give birth to children continuing the bloodline. Women are the Goddess, they give birth to new worlds. Would you really make a teenaged girl a rape victim or a soldier? Women need to be loved, respected and protected by their men in well suited covenant relationship. The marriage relationship is about giving to each other, sharing meals, chores, a bed, perhaps having children, it is the perfect union in respect and worship. The traditional role of women in the home in Western Society makes them very valuable. A happy marriage is the cornerstone to peace in the Community. Happy marriages would in theory produce happy families and more well adjusted and better socialized children. Cursed karmically impure women suffer greatly causing karmic dissonance leading to debt crisis, violence and war. Men in the culture may also be cursed, cursed people may become rapists/rape victims, drug addicts, murderers, suicides, street people, mental patients or in the prison house and economic drivers, so that as they suffer the elite milks them for ideas to run their businesses.

Ideally the instrument of culture and cursing should be benign without causing actual harm (isn’t the bad karma from uttering a curse enough). The entire culture is out of context, instead of let the truth win, it has become win at any cost. When this happens innocents are hurt causing karmic dissonance, a lack of safety, the society ceases to be a democracy and it causes war. At its best it was a hard way, when people do not forgive each other on Signs from God the culture becomes a monster. The ways of least harm are the best, do not cast the first stone more than a slight of public opinion. It is important that everyone be acculturated, understanding the cultural rules and understanding the Spiritual Mysteries. By following these rules the society is less violent as people would be karmically pure in better discerned, well suited marriages, being married to their Starcrossed Lover or more well-suited lover. Ideally, the cultural power paradigm would not hurt people, even if there was a trespass. Ideally, cursing would not cause harm more than a slight of public opinion. The karmic consequences of the rape, torture, murder, suicide of innocents makes the Western world an underground war zone. Reclaiming the world through the Holy Spirit so that the instrument of culture is hollow so that people aren’t being hurt opens the society to the prospect of new synergies, where people may better be able to make their love lives work in covenant. The positive karma from happy covenant marriages would create wealth of the spirit and the wealth of enough.

The Way of Peace,



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