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World Message of Peace

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has sparked international spinoff protests highlighting social/economic disparity issues in the Western World. As people wait for the new Internet synergies and the cessation of violent cultural practices to herald in the New Age of a realized Online Utopia . . .

“ Where everyone has the right to occupy public space safely . . .”
- a girl from Guerrilla Gardening video at www.occupywallst.org

“ This #ows movement empowers real people to create real change from the bottom up. We want to see a general assembly in every backyard, on every corner because we don’t need Wall Street and we don’t need politicians to build a better society. “
- Occupy Wall Street (www.occupywallst.org)

“ The people have moved on from the easily corruptible pseudo-free societies of the past, yet the forces enforcing those societies have attempted to simply ignore this transition. Through force, violence, and illegitimate law which passed without the consent of the commoner, they have attempted to extinguish the phoenix, the collective society which has arisen from the ashes of the republics.”
- Guest Post from an Arrestee of the 99% on www.occupywallst.org

“ Just say no to violence. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ Who wants to live in a society that ignores signs from God . . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ A society that puts its swords down, lives in peace. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

Modern dialogue has gone past civility and exists in a littered alleyway of cast offs and broken bottles. A bad game of meanness and emotional/actual violence that gnashes its teeth without purpose, sexually breaking people into the space of survivalist, the last economic driver. As the schizophrenia of urban spaces increases, the violence of a disconnected culture bubbles over into riots, murder/suicide and the haunted drunkeness of the dispossessed. With the computerized economy the world reels with changes it doesn’t fully understand and disparity issues leading to constant choices of peace (good angel) vs. violence (bad angel) in the street.

The Occupy Movement is a global protest that started in New York City, the protest could be about anything you wanted, the economy (unemployment), disparity issues, the political sphere that is not answering effectively the problems of the new computerized economy, the state of violent cultural paradigms we have all had enough of. The Occupy Movement is the true Spirit of democracy in action as peaceful protest, ordinary people saying “enough” and shaking the foundations of society for peaceful, creative, positive change.

Occupy Montreal exists in the green spaces of the Montreal downtown business district, with crowded tents and covered passageways. The tall statue of Queen Victoria has been decorated with paraphanelia and the once proud monarch wears a sign that says “Zeitgeist”. The place has a rather subdued air as people commune and prepare for winter and the night ahead. The people I talked to are courageous, concerned with peaceful protest and quiet in their conviction to stay the winter. The protesters are intelligent and calm, their encampment is well organized and clean, there is no violence. I suspect violence only occurs when police and the forces that be move in to tell them to leave.

The Western culture is sick in the guts, the economy is not really about monies, it is about love and treating people with respect and kindness, respecting the rules of Spiritual karma based in the Holy Spirit. A society that ignores signs from God and in which the elites plans for people are more important than the people themselves is corrupt. Cookie cutter body double elite security paradigms cause derision, the elite is not concerned with your happiness, the more you suffer in your personal life the more honed you become as a worker, the more ideas you produce to drive the economy, the more likely you are to act out and be a sexual break artist (passing on the gift of suffering/economic driverhood) or suicide, freeing up a job space for someone else. Positive synergies from happy marriages (to star-crossed lovers or more well suited lovers) would create good karma and the wealth of enough.

We have the resources, the talent, the inspiration to create a society any way we want, all we need is a shared vision. I see the “Occupy Movement” as people saying “enough” to an overly constructed, violent society with too many disparity issues. A society that is disconnected from itself, its true nature of love and peace which could be realized through new values based in a non-violent cultural paradigm and new synergies using the Internet. For commerce, increasing entrepreneurship and artists buying each others art; for education, using laptops in post secondary education, keeping costs low; and government, giving people more of a voice in how the society is run. The Love Economy – part-time work, low consumer costs, happy covenant marriages to star-crossed lovers/most suited lovers, cultural power paradigms that do not cause harm and new Internet/computer synergies, (keeping costs low) are the basis of a whole, integrated Online society in peace. The idea of an arts calling, in the form of entrepreneurship and non-traditional work could become a new base of economic commerce, as citizens/artists buy and sell each others art.

If it is just a matter of monies allocation in the public sphere, this can be fixed. The condition of the degredated soul, apathy, loss of loved ones, sexual woundedness, public abuse, alcoholism/drug addiction this is much more difficult to heal. And yet it is the healing of the individual and each broken individual in love that will be the messenger of forgiveness and peace leading to a realignment of values and the wealth of enough in the coming utopia of the New Online Economy. All God asks is that we don’t hurt each other (the basis of the 10 Commandments), marry our star-crossed lover (or more-suited lover) and follow our calling for work. Life doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

People have intrinsic value not just economic value, everyone loves someone. Just because someone is not economically viable (those that are unemployed or the elderly) does not mean they do not have the right to have a love life or a family or a right to respect. If people are relying on public funds they should at least give back to the Community in some way, whether doing volunteer work, giving away their artwork for free, or lending an ear and helping people out when there is trouble, doing good works. Just ensuring that their children are socialized and functioning members of society is a great asset. Inclusion creates Community as people know each other and appreciate the increased safety, sociability, peace and gift of each other in the communion of saints.

From the somnambulant Machiavellian Industrialized hell of pits of darkness, physical work, sex as sound bites and torture into the light of the thinking man’s Online Economy. An economy based in entrepreneurship and the arts; part-time work; happy love lives in covenant; more cohesive/peaceful families; more free time; flexible work time over the Internet; a curse free zone; new synergies in post secondary education and government; everything is going digital leading to the realized Utopian society. Old World values, love, peace, family and the Way of the Spirit in the New World. The computer is the gateway to heaven on earth. The Industrialized Economy didn’t breathe, the New Online Economy could breathe, the New World alive in the light of the Holy Spirit and enough for all peoples. Just imagine . . .

The Way of Peace,



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