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World Message of Peace

Winter is calling inside the dream Summer of Montreal . . . I have played 31 concerts since May 2007 in the beautiful stoneworks of the Montreal Metro. Crowds are generous and Montrealers are friendly. I have been writing since I have arrived and just yesterday finished the song "Sleep quiet hearts . . . " inspired by the Muse and the life and paintings of Gustav Klimt and the movie of the same name. Also, there are two new poetry offerings on Poet's Corner, Works in Progress . . . Summer offerings 2007 . . . "Untitled" and The Night Market. The web site has received an upgrade including the finalizing of the Electronic Poetry Books with Without Borders: Blue water, stone floor . . . being offered for free.

"A good end cannot sanctify evil means; nor must we ever do evil, that good may come of it."
William Penn (1644 - 1718), Quaker.

In the West, everyone has a reputation and there is an honour system, this influences how one gets along in Society and Community. Whatever you have done is known to the people of the Community and this effects how you are treated, work opportunities, if your business will be prosperous etc. Also if you've transgressed and even if you think no one knows about it (someone somewhere probably does) God still knows and hence the rules of karma. If you have done something that has hurt someone it will come back to you three times greater than what you have done. If you have done something to help someone it also will come back to you three times greater than what you have done. Revenge paradigms are evil, God says to bless your enemies, the natural karma of the situation will always be in play and all truly evil situations will eventually unwind. People that know the truth when they hear it and act on it are God's own. Life is a journey and it is important to illuminate people along the way. It is not possible to move to a different place to escape what you've done, someone always knows.

The following are some thoughts on peace in the Middle East. The Muslim religion has an idea of purity that when a man dies he is accompanied by 70 virginal women in heaven and the idea that a woman is impure if she has sexual relations outside of wedlock. However, the implementing of Sharia law sometimes misses the point of the Spirit of the Word rather than the letter. A woman who was divorced became pregnant and later married the father of the child. (In the West this would be considered a cause for great celebration and a small miracle). However, instead, the woman, a wife and mother was given a death sentence. This is a travesty in the eyes of the creator, the making of an inappropriate scapegoat. The Muslim men do not realize that when they have more than five partners they become karmically impure. It is important that all people have their Fated Others or a good working love life with well suited partners so that they remain karmically pure. This will help them be pure in the eyes of the Creator and keep peace in the Community so there are no wars or fighting. In the beginning the Jewsh people migrated to the new homeland of Israel, so many Jewish people migrated it disrupted the balance of power of the country. As a result the Palestinian people faced less opportunities and this was the beginning of conflict. Ideally the two peoples the Muslims and the Jewish people could separate, living in different countries, without contact and with separate supply lines, a movement of approximately 1.5 million people. (When India became divided into Pakistan and India there was a movement of approximately 14 million people). It is very rough when innocents are being targeted and children are being murdered going to market. The Jewish people could take pictures of the Holy sites and put them in an archives. In 50 to 100 years relations could be normalized and diplomacy, trade and travel begin again.

The Way of Peace,

with love,


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