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We have been scurrying through snow and the dark afternoon unlit streets of Montreal as if inside the closed flower of winter blue at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. New poetry projects are writing, particularly a series of poems titled,Watching the snow falling and a long poem about the first 16 weeks in Troy before Menaleaus and his men appeared in the harbour, titled, Helene’s Song (there is music to go with this but it has yet to be written). Poetry EBook: Running with the Night has been published at Poet’s Corner.

The following are thoughts on Community . . .

“ Communication leads to community, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing. ”
- Rollo May (Psychologist)

“ A Community is a culture that breathes. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ The place runs entirely on love, you don’t even have to count the pennies, there is always enough . . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ Even when things go wrong they go right. ”
- Collective Wisdom

What does it mean to be part of a Community? It means know who you are, who your people are and be socialized in the rules of the culture as well as in the rules of the Spirit. Also different places may have different social mores, it is good to have an understanding of the “unofficial rules” so you are not causing a problem. Thought, word and deed should not cause trespass so that everyone is safe and the Community is free from violence, particularly rape, murder and suicide. Ideally people would not curse each other, and the instrument of culture would not cause harm even if there was a trespass. Everyone should have an idea of who they are, an idea of God and the difference between right and wrong (don’t hurt each other).

The Community is a place where people are known to each other, where people’s stories are known and where it is possible to meet and talk to strangers who become friends. It is a place where when people know something that pertains to you (inklings, insights, observations, news) they tell you even if just telepathically. So there are no missed opportunities or misunderstandings. When people know you and you are of good reputation they help you, it is a dialogue in peace. And where the unofficial grapevine works for you.

Being a part of a Community is to be always in dialogue with other people, listening, exchanging ideas, and from this communal think tank taking the best ideas and developing them. Ideally the Community would have a shared vision – when everyone agrees on major issues the Community sings; shared values, a common chord. A Community has effective people for handling problems and for when things breakdown, so the place is not in crisis and people are safe and can get what they need. A Community that practices inclusion, and looks after each other, so that people have enough food, shelter, affordable costs, happy love lives, suitable work and where someone can always find someone to talk to so they are not too lonely, is a happy and safe place, a place without big worries.

A place where people have computers and are connected to the Internet increases inclusion and keeps people in the Community connected and informed to local as well as international happenings. It is also a free way of communicating through email and is an advertising tool for business and buying and selling. Knowing what is happening elsewhere can increase consciousness raising and creative/peaceful interventions before the really big problems end up on your front doorstep. New synergies using personal computers could streamline and evolve education and political participation creating lower costs and better solutions for a better run democracy.

What happens when things go wrong in a Community? There should be systems in place so that whatever is wrong can be fixed (infrastructure, social problems etc.) The karmic happenstance of breaking with the Holy Spirit (Spiritual mystery/cultural rules) creates negative synergies, it usually means someone has been hurt and the safety of the Community has been jeopardized. Breaking the 10 Commandments or breaking with the Holy Spirit can cause “insanity” negative energies like depression and paranoia and an overall feeling of dis-ease or negative affect which is the karmic consequence of having hurt someone. The Ten Commandments is a set of guidelines, interpretations are solutions that cause the least suffering, preserve positive karma, are inline with the Holy Spirit and may be aided by signs from God.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me – The Spiritual Mysteries and Gods Way is based in uncompromising truth. For He is the Way and the Light. Signs from God are the ways of least harm for everyone. The One True God is about Spiritualism and the basic karmic truths of the universe, it is not about religion (religions cast themselves in various lights of the truth).

Thou shalt not make or worship graven images – Do not worship false concepts, ways that hurt others and ourselves.

Show mercy unto those that keep Gods Commandments – Keep good faith and Community with those that operate in the Spirit of the 10 Commandments, the Community of Saints.

Do not curse God – God operates in the Spirit of unequivocal truth, he saves the righteous. If things go wrong or are painful it is often because of man who is fallible or because you have contravened against the Spirit of the 10 Commandments or because of happenstance, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The basic premise of birth/life/death was the best God could do for the given paradigm of the earth’s atmosphere. With given paradigms it is best to grow into acceptance by doing release work, meditation, an arts calling and not to worry too much (people have been dying since the beginning of time), often people grow into understanding and the acceptance of death over time.

Remember the Sabbath Day keep it holy - God rested on the seventh day after creating the world. After working the work week, it is good to rest, spend time with family/friends and pray/worship the Lord. It creates good karma and synchronicity.

Honour thy Father and thy Mother - Remember your family, they brought you into the world, ideally they are fonts of information and support, the family the cornerstone of society providing context and safety. If you come from a very conflicted or unsafe family situation and are no longer in touch, pray for them and think good thoughts.

Thou shalt not kill – It is against God and the Community to kill each other, when someone dies, someone is missing a star-crossed lover, it is painful and disrupts the peace of the Community. There are rules of the War Guild from the agricultural society.

Thou shalt not commit adultery – People were meant to only have sexual intercourse on a sign from God (star-crossed lovers), it meant you were to be in a longterm covenant intimate relationship (with someone of the opposite sex) only ending in death. The world has morphed away from this into a monster that feeds the Industrial/military complex causing a war economy. Staying karmically pure, discerning suitability of love partners and having the intention of covenant in relationship can save the suffering of sexual violation issues that cause addictions, suicide and/or murder

Thou shalt not steal – It is not right to take things from someone, you can ask for something and you can network over the Internet for low cost goods. On some level war is instigated by the enticement of stealing other people’s resources, it disrupts the peace of the World Community.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour – To tell lies about someone is trespass, could ruin others perception of someone, affecting if they get work, friends or a lover and destroys personal peace and the peace of the Community. It is a sin to misrepresent situations and lead people to think wrongly, it causes negative karma and strife.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife or goods – To pursue or steal someone’s wife or personal goods is trespass and destroys personal and Community peace. A star-crossed lover is perfectly suited to you on a sign from God, ideally everyone would be married to their star-crossed lover (or someone on a sign from God) so that actively desiring another’s wife is a sin, affairs of the heart are free.

To create healing energies it is important to have no enemies – to be on good terms with all people. If you have trespassed, make peace and make amends. If the dialogue is too violent or awkward at least think good thoughts and pray for them. Consciousness raising, a teaching dialogue or news communication dialogue is important, you may learn new things that help you. If you take an idea from someone that makes you monies or helps you it is important to give back to that person in some way, even if you just say a prayer for them or help them in some way, this creates good karma.

When people have suffered greatly and are clean in the Spirit (not hurting people, praying and following their calling for work) they may get ad hoc signs from God. I suspect everyone gets certain signs (in visualizations) upon key life events (meeting your star-crossed lover, turning karmically impure after too many lovers, karmic redemption after following an arts calling or a calling for work etc.) Signs from God prevent misunderstandings and are based in unequivocal truth, people who follow signs from God and do not act out in anger and frustration (but do release work, journaling, an arts calling etc.) are blessed, an entire Community that operates in the Spirit of the Holy Spirit is a safe and happy place blessed by God.

It is important to be socialized in the culture, have an understanding of Spiritual Mysteries, an understanding of who you are (what is your temperament, what psychological type you are, what are your favourite colours, your strengths, your weaknesses) and the difference between right and wrong (the entire point of the 10 Commandments is to prevent suffering and preserve peace in the Community). This is the groundwork for a safe and happy existence without trespass.

Sometimes people understand sex differently, more sensitive, less sensitive and indiscriminate love may become an emotional break scene not unlike indiscriminate warfare.

Sometimes people are quite different (different upbringings, different psychological types, different bloodlines), if they are too different it may not lead to a comfortable personal dialogue. In my experience the more people are perceived as similar it’s a better time.

When you do enough good works and are of good reputation, you create really positive karma that reflects in a certain serendipity or synchronicity. Sometimes when things go wrong, they don’t go very much wrong and end up going right. For instance when you get in a tight situation e.g. finances, it may help to pray about it and sometimes as if out of the blue you get help. This is the Community and the universe responding to your needs. Once when I had just moved to Montreal, I ran desperately short of cash and I didn’t have enough monies for food. As if out of the blue a cheque arrived for about $20 and I had enough to purchase some canned salmon and oranges. Just this November I overspent the budget and was running low on food monies and it was looking tight when for the first time I received some Royalties monies, only about $20 but enough to get me through until the end of the month. Also, with the music business I asked for an angel investor to get my recording projects done and was getting frustrated that I could not afford to move my projects. Something said, “Why don’t you offer a recording studio all your projects in return for a reduced rate?” and since then I have found someone to work with me within my budget. The same for photography work, I often tell the people I work with who offer me deals that I will give them monies when my work starts to show a significant profit and offer them advertising on my Web site.

A Community that is inline with the Holy Spirit is a place of peace, where all members do not hurt each other, everyone has a happy love life (based in suitability and a sign from God) and are following their calling for work. The industrialized economy of the Western World has been abrogated away from the true understanding of God, cultural/political principals should not cause harm. The new inline Online Economy has the potential to bring the Community back to God and a world where people dance, are in communion with the perfect lover (through a sign fron God, a star-crossed lover) and actually live in celebration in their time on earth.

The Way of Peace,



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