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It is a beautiful blue sky evening at Tea at Tympani Lane Records as the feast day of St. Brigid (February 2nd) approaches. St. Brigid is the patron saint of women Poets. New poetry is writing, the long poem/song Helene's Song and the song In Paris the flowers bloom in spring have been written and await music. I am looking for photographs to go with a short series of poems written upon a Sunday snow day, titled On watching snow falling this is to go into an EBook or a printed book. I recently wrote a poem inspired by St. Kateri.

Guerrilla Gardening is protest performance art and a greening of urban North America campaign, highlighted in a video by Occupy Wall Street but also alive and well in Montreal for the last few years . . .

“ where everyone has the right to occupy public space safely ”
- Guerrilla Gardening video at www.occupywallst.org

“ people should know where their food comes from ”
- Guerrilla Gardening video at www.occupywallst.org

“ O very young, what will they leave us this time? ”
- Cat Stevens (Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Teacher)

" and all you need are some seeds . . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ even if you have nothing you at least have _______________ (fill in the blank) “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

In an attempt at reclaiming public spaces, heart and soul - a greening urban spaces movement, Guerrilla Gardening, has been working, in Montreal planting gardens in barren spaces. Often tracs of land in urban spaces lie dormant and unsightly – either the owner doesn’t have enough monies to develop it and/or doesn’t want to sell it – and there it sits – open and often ugly. Unused public spaces are a sin, highlighting disparity issues in the anti-society, the Old Industrial Economy with physical labor, sex as sound bites and the broken family with addictions, violence, debt and war. A time when people were too depressed and broken to care. I see the evolution of “Greening Duluth” and other similar public greening garden projects as a new action heralding in the inline Online economy (aka the Love Economy), a society aligned with the Holy Spirit, where people look after each other, have happy marriages and everyone has enough.

Highlighting organic farming practice, against pesticides and highly structured corporate farming practice. Greening projects are a great way to beautify public spaces, and they can actually grow food – like the garden of Eden – imagine walking past and picking food gifts from the Spirit and the great Creation. Sustainable agriculture in the form of Arboreal Gardens, particularly for smaller spaces, could consist of a medley of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers all in one place, as if illustrating the rightness/beauty of just the existence of being. Who wants to be jumped by tired, wounded open spaces – greening projects are an invitation to peace, love and sustenance, creating harmony in the undertoad of aging city infrastructure. The psychology of beauty easing the open space into a healing of the sexually violated population and bringing in the light of the New Age. The surprise of food growing in unexpected places, a gift for all peoples especially those who are on the road. Who can be angry at growing gifts of food?

Its like the smarties kid pointing and making things different colours. People planting food in unexpected places, greening old derelict spaces, beautifying urban cityscapes into real gardens, the places of the heart. The performance art of Guerrilla Gardening is the magic of healing spaces and providing the gift of food as if calling the suicide and death culture back to a time of life, and the magic and wonder of the less complicated agricultural culture.

An end to the negative cultural practices that cause the suffering of artists/economic drivers making violence and feeding the economy karmic dissonance, debt and war. Guerrilla Gardening is a protest, a return to Eden, a pristine garden in the ideal of the Holy Spirit, a place of love where star-crossed lovers meet in the union of the soul. Everyone could have love in covenant with a more suited lover. Opening the world to new synergies in happy families, less violence, less addictions, less suicides, less murders, less people on the street, less mental patients, less people in the prison house. The glow of spiritual wealth from whole well discerned marriages will translate into the positive karma of peace and the actual wealth of enough, love in the New Age.

The Way of Peace,



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