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World Message of Peace

It is the celebration of the season of St. Valentine’s Day in the cold of Spring at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. As I look out my window at the bare trees of winter against the blue sky I am reminded of the path of love . . .

Emperor Claudius II of Rome in 269 A.D. was raising armies for war but the men were reluctant. To encourage men to be warriors all marriage ceremonies were cancelled. Also, most young people were kept strictly apart and only introduced to each other through the Pagan Feast of Lupercalia. For this ritual the names of girls were placed in a jar to be picked at random by the boys. Then these 2 were paired either for the duration of the Festival or until the next Festival of Lupercalia, sometimes the couple would later marry. It is not clear if these couples sexually broke each other. Defying the edicts of the Emperor and the Feast of Lupercalia, Catholic Priest Valentine would marry star-crossed lovers. When discovered, Valentine was imprisoned. Here, he had a love affair with the jailers daughter, sending her notes signed “Remember your Valentine.” Valentine was executed on February 24th in the year 296 A.D. and later celebrated as St. Valentine the patron Saint of lovers. The celebration of St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th (the day before the Pagan Festival of Lupercalia on February 15th) became a time of sending love notes, small gifts and perhaps a flower.

Helene’s Song

(Inspired by the love affair of Helene and Paris of Troy)

Press soft, my mouth

my lips

“Sing to us of Helene’s Song.”

I could no longer leave you,

than my soul pine in the night.

In dreams we sleep remembering . . .

the first days of Troy.

The song of love that dances,

sweet in star-crossed fields,

gold, possessing heaven.

“Sing to us the star-crossed lovers song.”

As if posessing the sea

the call of blue

and song

of light upon the water

as we arrived

in the warm,

the Summer flower, Troy.

Touching the land, caressed

by the wind and sky,

the healing sun

so we were as one.

“Sing to us of Eden’s Song.”

We walked up to the gates,

hand in hand with Aphrodite,

walking into Caanan.

Into the Creation,

the garden walled,

by love’s blue sky

within peace,

the rose of Summer.

Through the mists,

we walked past

the orange grove,

in warm winds.

Nestled high up in the tree

a magical bird rests

wrapped in headdress,

bejeweled and blue-green

quiet stirrings

hint at other beasts,

in the desert forest.

By the river

trailing deep in blue,

stone wells spring

with fountains pure,

that spout the healing water,

into sanctuary.

“Sing to us of the Wedding Song.”

Maidens dress in flowering white

with their masters dance

from heaven

wood sprites,

the Muses gather,

soft, time casts into peace,

the lavish wedding feast.

In the light,

the days that flowed,

danced and rang with joy

that those so sweet,

in love possessed

the honey of the flower

the peace,

that rests within quiet,

by the wedding bower.

Women deep with love,

how they dance

still sweet the days

so sweet the nights

that pray on wings of doves.

Press soft, my mouth

my lips

“Sing to us of Helene’s Song.”

“Sing to us the song of dreams,

Sing to us of Helene’s song.”

The Way of Peace,



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