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It is quiet winter sky day as spring begins to warm the blue island Montreal at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Writing has slowed as we contemplate moving house to a larger space. I am currently writing 4 poetry book projects all in different voices, to be launched over the next couple of years . . .

How to get and keep positive affect. Anything that creates positive karma will improve affect and make you feel better . . .

“ The key to human happiness lies within our own state of mind, and so too do the primary obstacles to that happiness. “
- Dalai Lama (Spiritual Leader)

“ People are about as happy as they make their minds up to be. ”
- Thomas Jefferson (Statesman, President of the United States)

“ That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. ”
- Friedrich Nietzsche (Philosopher)

“ Time heals all wounds. ”
- Collective Wisdom

Where your thoughts dwell, your emotions will go. Think only good thoughts. It is O.K. to let your thoughts wander to better outcomes but if you live there, you may experience a reality snap when you come into the present which may cause depression. It is good to work towards goals and celebrate progress. It is important to not dwell on negative outcomes as you can self sabotage yourself into negative emotional spaces. Training the thoughts to live within positive work/arts projects, better outcomes, thinking positively, concentrating on the best elements of any situation and only socializing with people who are friendly and supportive will go along way to creating more positive emotional landscapes. Also take stock of all the positive things in your life, keep a gratitude journal, everytime you read what you are grateful for you will feel better creating positive affect.

It is also good to keep a journal and notice what triggers bad moods, thoughts e.g. the day after drinking alcohol, time of day, someone being mean to you etc. and try to work with these emotional triggers so that they don’t negatively effect your mood anymore.

Figure out the social paradigm at work in your life, if everywhere you go you are getting an upper cut something is wrong, figure out what it is and what to do about it (maybe you’ve trespassed somewhere or an ex-lover is looking for you). Once the dilemma is resolved you will feel better, as people won’t be being mean anymore.

Read, look at and listen to positive stories, art/flowers you like and good music.

Create great art – this will take the edge off any bad mood, it gives you something to do and you have something you like that you have made that gives you joy. If you don’t like what you’ve created, pick some element of what you’ve done that you did like or something positive you learned from that creative experience. Creating in the artistic process can increase positive affect.

Keep social. Keep up with friends, do volunteer work, by helping others and being in dialogue with others you will create positive karma, making yourself feel better. It is usually a better time the more alike you and your friends are either the same psychological type, or kin or similar soul colours. It may help to see a therapist/village elder or Oracle for insight dialogue, elevating your mood.

Depression from low light levels in winter can be corrected with a sunlight bulb.

Come to terms with your love life and be happy, whether it be celibacy, multiple lovers, serial lovers, committed relationship. A committed longterm relationship is best if discerned effectively (including a sign from God) so there are no essence problems. A committed well discerned marriage between a man and a woman decreases suffering and increases positive karma, happiness and peace. A committed satellite marriage (a man and 2 women) in covenant and in the open, either everyone living together or close by could in theory work (it would help to being committed to stay in relationship(s), be very well-suited and have love/respect for each other, be karmically pure, and or have a sign from God) although I have no direct experience of this. I think serial sexual relationships are difficult to handle, particularly if you are too sensitive it’s an exception to be happy in this type of situation in my experience. Celibacy is also difficult particularly if one has a calling to be married. In my experience, there is a certain degree of healing that comes after over 10 years of being celibate.

How to deal with suffering in celibacy:

- masturbate as little as possible

- when you’re really steaming take a cold shower or sit in a bathtub of cold water

- get someone to do the pining prayer for you

- journal

- take regular exercise

- nutrition: whole vegan diet with meat only occasionally (you may be ingesting the violence of the kill when you eat too much meat, in moderate quantities it may alleviate depression)

- do release work

Affairs of the heart are free – a happy love life can be very healing and create positive affect.

If you have a strong calling (a very strong emotional draw) to do something whether an arts vocation, a religious vocation or a path in love it is probably best to follow it as long as you are not hurting yourself or others. (For love keeping in mind that one is meant to be married to one’s star-crossed lover, someone you are very well suited for, of the opposite sex on a sign from God in covenant over the longterm).

Increase endorphins (the”happy” brain chemical) – eat anything that turns to sugar when it hits the bloodstream (this may not be too healthy but can take the edge off depression or a bad mood). Exercise, yoga, meditation, rub the right hand, will elevate mood.

Come to terms with the past. Let go of negativity. If you’ve wronged someone try to make it right at least think positive things and say a prayer for them. If you’ve been wronged forgive. Work for change and keep improving the present. (if it was very harrowing or cruel do some release work and journaling and process the emotions around it, in time it doesn’t hurt so badly). Outright discrimination or negligence should not be taken lightly, it is the measure of society and democracy how the weakest are treated, how well people are socialized and how trespass is handled. Stay proactive and work for positive change. At the same time our experiences make us who we are, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Do Release Work. Blow off anger by deep breathing when doing physical exercise or punching out pillows.

Pray. If you have too much of an emotion, sadness or anger or any emotion that makes you uncomfortable, there is a special prayer where you pray to God to take that emotion away. This prayer involves directing the uncomfortable emotion (particularly anger) out of your body, through the top of your head. You can also do a visualization where you turn the emotion over to the Creator who will then take the uncomfortable emotion away from you (so you don't act out and hurt people). Ask telepathically for more info, I do not name it here because it is sacred knowledge. This prayer works everytime and could save you from becoming violent or committing suicide.

A Community/family purposely withholding key life information (parentage, cultural rules, Spiritual rules, intentions . . . ) and then beating on you for what you don’t know is evil, a blasphemy in the sight of God and creates an unsafe environment where people are hurt jeopardizing democracy. Purposely making an economic driver for the sake of making monies is a sin, the negative karma creates needless suffering, addictions, violence, suicide and murder. Picking on traditional family enemies or on people we don’t like is an exercise in war, it is better to do consciousness raising preventing trespass and leave the different person alone with others (kin or people of the same psychological type). If the person is trespassing and not realizing it is better to give some direction, it is a sin to let trespass happen over and over again without consciousness raising (even if just telepathically).

Stay on the right side of God and the people you know – don’t hurt others, always speak the truth, dialogue and exchange information helping each other, create a no curse zone. This will create safety, peace and positive karma, making you feel better.

The use of alcohol/drugs may take the edge off a bad mood but the effect is temporary, often leading to periods of depression.

You will not always be in a good mood, the emotional landscape like the weather is always changing. A really bad mood gives you something to compare to your better moods, so you can appreciate the positive moods more.

Time heals all wounds. Just because your current life situation is conflicted, your love life isn’t working out, you’ve lost or can’t find work, you’ve lost a loved one and you are feeling depressed, angry and lonely with negative affect doesn’t mean your life situation or emotional landscape will always be so blue. As sure as time things change, work at creating new opportunities, releasing negative energy and work at understanding the social/Spiritual dynamic and the hidden agendas that may be operating around you. Network with your friends and over the Internet, take aptitude tests, find and develop new talents, perhaps become an entrepreneur and open a web page store front, ask many questions. In our relatively short time on earth it is positive to understand what is important, who you are, have a happy love life and be happy in the dance as the Spirit intended.

The Way of Peace,



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