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World Message of Peace

It is quiet with the Spring and warm, the coming Equinox at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. We are looking to move offices in Montreal and most projects are suspended until then, although poetry is still writing. I just penned "The sleeping angel" for the book "The Gift of the Midnight Sun" (former title "Poetry After Night") and have written various poetry works for "The Book of Blue." Today I am making granola bars . . .

The role of essence and life’s calling . . .

“If there is one creature that represents my essence, it’s butterflies.”
- Patricia Velasquez (Actress/Fashion Model)

“What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.”
- Abraham Maslow (Psychologist)

“If we need to be reminded to love one another, then we have already lost sight of the very essence of our existence.”
- Darren L. Johnson (Physician/Author)

The basic essences of men and women are different as if represented by the planets Venus and Mars or the Oriental yin/yang sign of complementary opposites. What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be you? My theory is the mechanics of sex, sex roles aid in determining essence and perhaps influence ones calling for work. The basic essence of men is being on the outside going in – men as outer directed, creatures of the street/commerce/business/war/the physical, more likely to mix it up physically, the protector. The woman as inside, a natural artist creating new worlds through the birth process - as creatures of the interior – natural existence of home and hearth, the peacemaker, the artist, the one who sews the cloth. And there are variations on this theme influenced by soul colours, genetics and psychology.

Imagine you are a big furry animal and you are feeding yourself thoughts. What is edible, what are you feeding yourself? Only feed yourself thoughts/food that are positive/organic. Where your thoughts dwell your emotions will go so stay in positive spaces and dance.

What are positive values?
What do you value, what do other people value, what does society value?

The Industrialized Society vs. The Online Economy

Physical work
- rote work in factories

Factory workers

- wealth, money and more money

- high status and brings money

- the physical act

- the audience/to not be bored

- the beauty/antithesis of death

- addictions/suicide/murder/war culture

- ownership

- so you can be manipulated

  Intellectual work
- creative/research work over the Internet

The Entrepreneurs

- lack of disparity issues, enough for everyone

Peace/the Journey
- the dance of life

- a happy covenant karmically pure marriage

- being an artist, making art

- the dance, the New Age

- good mental health/synchronicity with Spirit

- peace

- so you can find love and your true calling

The Online Economy has the potential to bring order out of chaos (see the Love Economy) and create everyday life as a dance with the Spirit in peace as God intended. The New Way based in the Computerized economy is calling us back to God, away from the dark times and sexual licentiousness of the Industrialized economy.

Everyone has a calling for work/art/love/adventure, it is a very strong yen to do something often based on talents, psychology, drive and a mission from God. As long as this calling doesn’t hurt others and therefore ourselves it is important to fulfill. By following our true essences/calling it is possible to discover who we are and what makes us happy and self-actualized. If you are following your true calling you are more likely to save someone’s life/help someone and be successful at what you do. This way you are fulfilling your duty to the Community and yourself, so that when you are old you can say you did what you were meant to do, helped others and not have any big regrets. Monies shouldn’t be a problem, network, use the Internet, find like minded people with like aspirations and pool your information and resources.

It is possible for the soul before it is born to be given a mission from God and the soul may have its own personal mission. This may be revealed to you in dreams. God’s mission for me was to wake people (particularly the people of the Middle East) to the possibility of star-crossed lovers. My own mission was to decrease water pollution as I had a painful death as a dolphin in a past life. I also had a calling to have a husband and children. I have fulfilled a mission of awake, to bring consciousness to living that could create more positive earth synergies and the possibility of a utopian society with the goal of peace. Life was not meant to be more complicated than not hurting others, finding and marrying your star-crossed lover and following your calling for work. A gentler more holistic way of self-knowledge/socialization/mentoring and discernment in intimate relationship and cultural/political paradigms that do not hurt others.

The Way of Peace.



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