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It is the quiet of spring with expectations of the full moon on April 6th at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The month of April is named after Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love (also known as the goddess Venus to the Romans). Poetry continues to write for The Grif and Other Conversations (Part II), The Book of Blue and The Gift of the Midnight Sun. We continue to look for new offices . . .

" I would like to learn, or remember, how to live. "
- Annie Dillard (Author)

" The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. "
- Sydney J. Harris (Journalist)

" A liberal education is at the heart of a civil society . . . "
- A. Bartlett Giamatti (American Educator, Sports Executive)

The following are thoughts on the student protests in Montreal, March 22nd, 2012 . . . a bright sunshine day saw a festival of students, with an edge of anger, from across Quebec protesting in downtown Montreal. Some estimate that there were from 100,000 to 200,000 students carrying signs and chanting as they weaved through the busy streets of rue St. Catherines, rue Maisonneuve and rue Sherbrooke, snarling traffic and protesting the increased tuition hikes for post secondary education.

The students I talked to were reluctant to give their names so I gave them code names.

The Concordia students blamed inflation, high administrative costs and new real estate project costs for the tuition increases. The tuition costs in Quebec are some of the lowest in Canada and I suspect the Quebec government may be increasing the costs to bring them into line with other universities across the country.

Why is higher tuition costs not a good idea? Post-secondary education is a right, the right to be trained in your calling for work, to have an idea of history, the arts and world thought. To know where your people have been, the wars they have fought, the trends, systems of thought what has shaped the past and what is shaping your future. Post-secondary education is being socialized in the human condition as well as training in a calling for work. By raising tuition fees post-secondary education becomes elitist, only the rich can afford to go to school, the system becomes about monies discriminating against the poor, not about merit and training people for their work calling. Frustrating youth in their work calling creates a population of people who may not be able to find work because they are not educated.

Why educate people when there are less jobs? The government has been throwing monies at job creation initiatives for the past 20 years and as always the rate of unemployment increases after a period of employment increase. I suspect 2 things, one is that the rate of unemployment is not being calculated in its true light and is actually somewhere around 25% across the board. And that the government, having never dealt with a computerized economy before is not understanding that the rate of unemployment is a given factor. Twenty years ago someone once told me they suspected the unemployment rate was 17%, it depended which factors were used to determine the indicator, if it was a true picture or not. Guillame said fesciously “you can work until you are 80 years old in 2012” leading to less job opportunities for youth. “The venture capitalists convince people to give 60 hours a week to their jobs and 20 years later their families are supposed to forgive them because they then have time for them.” Part-time jobs, all new full-time jobs being divided into part-time jobs (20 – 25 hours per week) would take the strain off the labour market. It could help to have a basic minimum take home pay, enough so that a single person could pay all their bills and have $200 or more for incidentals. (It is also copacetic if people are married to their star-crossed lovers both with part-time jobs, immediately there is more disposable income). It is also important that people are educated for their calling for work gaining work, fulfilling their duty to the Community and being self-actualized (according to their talents and psychology) so they are happy in their role. Having a special calling for work can also aid in karmic redemption if you have had too many lovers. It is important to have an education in the history of your peoples and world history with an understanding of major schools of thought and events ultimately leading to an understanding of where we are now and who we are, what does it mean to be alive in the 21st Century and ultimately where are we going? By taking away inexpensive post-secondary education, youth may lose hope in the future, being frustrated in their aspirations, perhaps not taking education (filling service jobs they may not be suited for, becoming artists and/or being on welfare) or graduating with a large debt from student loans and living at home, very frustrating, particularly if you cannot find work in your field. Work in the Old Economy was often an aussage for a broken love life, the culture of the dispossessed becomes even more broken without viable education and work. Frustration can sometimes lead to violence, as the West is beginning to see occasional riots (there have been riots in Vancouver and other places) and it is not uncommon for crowds who attend sports events (soccer, hockey) to head downtown and trash local businesses after the game.

When asked what he thought about post-secondary education Greg said, “It’s the best 17th Century technology can supply” quoting a famous quote from a mass media article. There is some use of laptops in the classroom, there is a book depository for course readings so that you can sign out hard copy books on the reading list for your course. If all students had laptops, course readings and EBooks could be downloaded to hard drives through emails or a professor’s Web site, cutting costs. Laptops could be available as rent-to-own, on layaway or secondhand decreasing student costs and giving them a tool for research and writing term papers and assignments.

Gerry asked the question “is the government using monies (profits) from universities to pay government debt?” particularly healthcare. I question why post-secondary education, essential to socialization, creating an awake population and work training should be for profit. Higher tuition fees are short sighted, making education elitist and frustrating youth. If there are debt costs in health care, much of healthcare costs could simply be reduced by happy marriages. People in happy marriages are not mental patients, they are not addicts, they are healthier, living longer there are less suicides/homicides and violence, children may be raised better and these families possibly live with less debt. The negative practices of culture and cursing are subverting the economy (increasing penal system, health care and welfare costs) and people’s happiness.

New synergies in education could include Apprenticeship programs – follow the professional around as his assistant, do some basic coursework (not as intensive) with a reading list and some assignments, pay $50 to get an accreditation exam or have an accreditation exam for every year of mentoring/study and you need to pass 3 exams and a certain number of assignments before being accredited - plus a reference from the professional mentor. This pared in type of education could be less expensive to the student and may be good for training in the trades but probably not as good for training medical personnel or specializations such as researchers. I found the library techniques courses I took good for learning lexicon and the finer points of generating cataloguing numbers, the rest of the information I could have learned on the jobsite (although I was appreciative of the grounding in literature and history I received.) Another idea is self directed study over the Internet, with an educator providing a reading list and guidance for assignments and exams, with an accreditation exam after a period of study at nominal costs.

The basics of existence, food, shelter, healthcare, education, a practise for work you are suited for and happy love lives are the requirements of an existence that rhymes with the soul and dance. Life need not be a Machiavellian nightmare, of unhappy marriages, a lack of education without real well-suited work. The Love Economy is a place where consumer prices and inflation are low, there is low cost housing, tuition fees are low, there is part-time work, universal healthcare, happy covenant marriages without cultural violence. Rather than blocking peoples aspirations, people’s dreams are set free with a share the wealth mentality that enfranchises giving people (particularly young people) hope and enough rather than fostering frustration and possible violence. With the Love Economy the world rolls into a matriarchy with peace/love/enough and an end to the violence of sexual licentiousness, addictions, suicide and murder of the war economy of the Old Industrialized Society.

The West is experiencing the transition economy from the Industrialized Economy to the New Online Economy, when everyone in the society owns or has access to a computer new synergies in business but particularly education and politics may come to the fore. A realization that the Old Economy is passing into the way of the New Economy with new givens and possibilities needs a realignment of values breathing life into the New Way with constructive policies causing less disparity issues, promoting democracy and in line with the Holy Spirit. The new synergies will create less blasphemy, good karma and enough in the Utopian Age.

The Way of Peace.



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