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It is a cold and quiet Spring evening as I write this Newsletter @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The China Market is a great celebration as the winter falls away flowering into Summer with offerings of Dim Sum, blue and white china bowls and fresh bamboo plants. I am launching the Poetry EBook: The Book of Blue in serials, watch for video announcements. I am contemplating Web site upgrades. Poetry for The Midnight Sun: poetry after night and The Grif and Other Conversations: more poetry from the street continues to write. I am hoping for new offices but it is on the back burner.

The following are thoughts on the West as a culture out of time . . .

“ white face/Western culture is an underground war zone supported by the psychiatric system . . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher)

“ the karmically impure from too many lovers/the improperly socialized/bad operators or shat ons get given a bottle of pills that make it easier to O.D. . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher)

“ This culture is sick in the guts. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher)

“ any happiness you can find . . . “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher)

Through a glass darkly, the past 100 years have birthed enough blasphemy in self immolation, sexual acting out, addictions, rape, suicide, murder, wars, World War II and genocide, the curse of Western culture/politics, to bring the world to the brink of Apocalypse. Fuelled by inventions, atomic bombs, the gattling gun, gunpowder, pollution from cars and manufacturing, nuclear waste, and the entertainment technology industry, the West has become a culture out of time . . . throughout history new inventions changed the social economy and our way of life – from 1,000’s of years of the hunter gatherer economy (the arrowhead and bows and arrows) to 10,000 years of the agricultural economy (the plough) to a hundred years of the industrialized economy (the steam engine) and 40 years of the Online Economy (the computer). New inventions that change the shape of the social economy, how we do business and live our lives everyday, are very powerful, challenging the status quo and creating different climates for business/social interaction/community. I suspect there have been more new inventions in the past 100 years than in the entire timeline of history.

How does the culture respond to changes in the social economy? The cultural rules governing how elite European families interact have been handed down through eons of history, and although the world/social economy has changed, these rules may basically be the same (although I suspect they may on occasion morph on consensus).

In the Agricultural Economy daily life was slow – rise at sunrise, go to bed at sunset. People were bored, the culture developed out of slow life social economy, a life without a lot of distractions, so people made their own entertainment particularly I suspect out of the cultural rules. The cultural rules were a form of something to do/it was a past-time passing on cultural information, preventing violence – fulfilling a need, preventing boredom. A perfect denoument to a society without Internet, television, movie houses, radio or cell phones. Cursing was also a way of causing/solving arguments particularly over bedrights and who was able to marry who. If someone did not have a Starcrossed Lover, I wonder if they made trouble by attempting to claim someone. I suspect if you did not have a Starcrossed Lover you were encouraged to become a Priest /Clergy or become a Bard and travel perhaps finding someone, also without a Starcrossed Lover in a distant place. And the cultural rules produced the "perfect" social order, it was a form of social control, everyone followed or the slightest trespass could cause grave misgiving creating a climate of fear. When someone was cursed and they remained righteous, after many years of suffering I suspect God would show himself and champion this person with signs from God, it is really quite spectacular and affirms peoples belief in God as well as taking the edge off, providing entertainment for people in a slow time world.

The ethos of the Industrialized Economy, with a population explosion due to better nutrition in the late 1800’s, saw the rise of everyman, the rights of all people championed in meritocracy and the development of Communism (government ownership of business, enough for everyone etc.) and the dichotomy with Fascism growing out of the dissolution of Royal Houses as the direct political ruler of most European countries. With the creation of the Industrialized Economy, the social economy became fractured, the workweek of the factory worker was broken into soundbites, a 9 – 5 work week, people had their work life, their social life, their sex life, their leisure life, their family life as if the world had become compartmentalized. A majority of the population had moved off the land to cities, the factory worker had a few extra dollars and was purchasing sex as sound bites, fathers were in the home less, women started working outside the home (particularly after WWII) so children may have been less socialized and not as emotionally healthy. Like a broken wind up toy that once danced the traditional culture became out of step with the new social economy birthing broken marriages, broken families, fractured love lives, sex as sound bites and sexual violation issues/karmic impurity leading to addictions, violence, suicide, murder, psychiatry and war.

As the family became fractured inside the overly constructed design machine, with hidden agendas, elite facecard security paradigms, the “experiment” in the economy (the introduction of sexual licentiousness and harnessing the suffering of those with sexual violation issues to making monies), people cursing each other without realizing what they were doing (lack of socialization, not knowing the difference between right and wrong, not understanding the negative karmic consequences of severely hurting others (degrees of depression, paranoia, suicide)). With a burgeoning population of broken people, the karmically impure (too many lovers), the unsocialized or poorly socialized, the people who cursed and those who were cursed, the construct of psychiatry was born in Nazi Germany. The development of psychotropic medication to control people’s “acting in” suicide or “acting out” murder, violent episodes when most mental patients were victims of an out of control culture/political system that had negatively affected their love lives. After WWII the Cold War and geopolitics, foreign governments possibly creating violence in the West trying to unbalance the peace, creating an underground war zone possibly leading to an actual war, taking resources for their people. Us and them mentalities make unnecessary scapegoats, in a real world everyone would have the right to the basics of life (food, shelter, education, healthcare, work they are suited to and a happy love life) and not have to worry about being harmed, there is no need for death throe violence in the New Economy.

What happens to culture in the Online Economy? The Rebirth of the Way of Life in the computerized economy. The Online Economy with part-time work (see the Love Economy) gives people and families back the gift of time. Often people work from home over the Internet and the New Economy gives people back their families, and the possibility of raising children as whole socialized human beings. The need for culture as entertainment is superceded by an electronic cultural extravaganza – the arts, making your own art, radio, television, movies, cell phones, Walkmans, iPods, iPads, Internet, the computer . . . all of these inventions have given us improved communication, given us the gift of each other and taken away the boredom inherent in the Agricultural Economy. The New Age Culture has outgrown the need for the rules of culture as entertainment, the world has morphed into a more self-actualized synergy and ideally the trespass of the rules of culture should never cause harm. It becomes a bad game of disbelief and temptation, like a bad joke that creates too much suffering and loss.

In the Industrialized Economy, the elite conformed to the cultural/political brokenness using it for its own purposes (elite body double security paradigms, trespassers of culture as economic drivers/scapegoats, war as profit), sexually licentious behaviour became the new experiment in driving the economy, creating psychiatry, the illegal drug trade, medicating/addicting people while creating beautiful sex toy economic drivers (whores and rape victims) their suffering causing karmic dissonance emotional violence, suicide, murder, an underground war that may bubble over into actual war, rather than unhooking the violence machine.

How to unhook the violence machine?

All members of the Community should be socialized in the cultural rules and the Way of the Spirit (the spiritual and karmic rules) with empathy and an understanding of the difference between right and wrong (to not hurt each other).

Following signs from God creates peace and justice in the Community.

The majority of people should be in a happy marriage of star-crossed lovers or a more suited lover on a sign from God.

Cursing should not cause violence. No initial violence should occur, so that the string of violences are not triggered (rape, serial sexual relationships, bad marriages, addictions, suicide, murder.) Ex-lovers should operate in a curse free zone, no curse beyond a public slight.

Herald in the Love Economy with happy marriages, part-time work and less disparity issues. Make certain everyone has the basics of life: food, shelter, happy love life, suitable work, education, healthcare.

The results of unhooking the violence machine?


Happy marriages – the reformulation of the family as a happy and safe place, a place where children are socialized and emotionally healthy. The cornerstone of safety in the Community restored.

Less suffering

Less addictions

Less pedophiles

Less queers

Less whores

Less mental patients

Less prison house people

Less rape victims

Less suicides

Less murders

Less street violence

Less homeless people

Less obesity and health issues

Less weight on the healthcare system

Less weight on the justice system

Less weight on the penal system

Less disparity issues

Less people on welfare

Less family violence

Less bullying

Less War

Negative side

Less of a cash economy – maybe not a lot of monies in the hands of the people.

Maybe less inventions

In the New Economy geopolitics should not apply – all peoples and countries should exist in win - win situations – if you need something you get it – look after everyone, us and them situations should cease as people recognize each other's rights despite their differences – using the cultural cues to subvert people is insidious and lousy, creating a Community that is not safe, an underground war and actual war.

The Experiment in the Drive Economy – an economic system driven by sexual licentiousness/the whore/war economy leading to some immediate economic gain but causing karmic dissonance from too much suffering, leading to sexual violation issues, addictions, suicide, murder, violence, debt and a war economy was very expensive. Like a MacDonald’s freeway, sex, life and death were quick and too easy, taking its toll in suffering, too expensive for the values of true friendship, peace, love and family, a real life. The Love Economy/Online Economy would create a Community of happy marriages and enough with less disparity issues and less violence as people follow their true calling for work and love, saving the Community from darkness and violence, the fallen world arighted in the light of the new day.

The Way of Peace,



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