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World Message of Peace

The blue is calling us into winter in Montreal . . . I have just finished composing music to TheWar of the Roses: Ariel the night by fire and written out the long poem with music in a blue-green Japanese folding book. Also, I recorded a Demo last week to raise financing for the Dance SummerBlue CD and performed for a charity fundraiser at Studio Breathe, Montreal. (Studio Breathe has the most wonderful Hot Yoga classes). Thanks to Meining and engineering staff at the university for helping with the Demo. I recorded four songs in straight takes in about three hours, voice and the 12 string C.F. Martin guitar, the Folk Rock ballads sharp and full, inspired by the Muse of Summer. I continue to play occasionally in the Montreal Metro and very much enjoy performance. Sometimes children will dance as I play and at my last performance on Thursday night three school age boys danced to my music at Lionel Groulx Station. During my performance they also donated their few coins, which could have gone to buying treats at the store, into my open guitar case. I was very much touched by their openness and generosity. I was also struck by their natural goodness,like the beauty of angels and innocents as if they have very little idea of the history of their people or what it means to be in the post modern world. It makes me wish for them that they are enculturated properly and appropriately so that they have happy lives, with happy love lives and a place they are suited for within the Community. And many people I meet in Montreal are like these children, open and generous. Sometimes people walk by and put coins in my shoes or make a point of handing me a dollar and stopping to talk, like a quiet blue answer. The Demaricon: In the House of the Oracle, a novel to be serialized on the Tea at Tympani Lane Records Web site, is writing slowly. I am currently reading Plato's Republic, Utopia by Thomas More, Island by Aldous Huxley and In Cold Blood by Truman Capote as background research for the novel. Also, after 2 years the much awaited Bass Renaissance Lute has arrived from Luciano Faria, I celebrated with cake and have been tuning in the pegs catching the most wonderful glimpses of sound. The Lute itself is very light but very well crafted with wonderful Baroque carvings on a Renaissance Dieffopruchar model with the use of light woods throughout. Like the perfect tear drop, the shape mirrors the feminine, with great quiet and full upon gut Lute strings. The forbearer of the Lute is the smaller 'Ud a Middle Eastern musical instrument that was crafted in historic times in the birthplace of the Euphrates river. The 'Ud was most likely introduced to Europe through the Moors in Spain in the times of Christian and Muslim conflicts known as the Crusades. Influenced by the design of the 'Ud, the Lute was created in European society about 1400 A.D. in the Medieval period.. The first Lute instruments had 4 courses or eight strings and were made to be plucked with a plectorum. As the popularity of the Lute increased it began to be created with more strings, with 6 course (or 12 string) musical instruments in the Renaissance period (1550 A.D. - 1650 A.D.) and culminating with 7 to 13 course musical instruments with carvings in the Baroque period (1650 A.D. - 1750 A.D.) Different sized instruments were tuned for different pitches with very intricately carved roses as centerpieces. The Lute has evolved through many stylistic evolutions culminating in a very feminine form although there are masculine trends and influences as seen in the steel frets of the Julian Bream Lute.

The following are some thoughts on Africa and building Third World economies. Currently, Africa, a magic land of sun, is experiencing war and the spread of AIDS with reduced economies. It is important to help the Third World grow the Third World economy. Food, shelter, meaningful work and happy love lives are the key to successful and peaceful communities. The AIDS epidemic and war is eating into the social fabric and the infrastructure of this Community like a rupturing wound. Better healthcare and education are the keys to recreating Africa as a prosperous place of peace. Building the economy means putting more moneys into the hands of the people so they can have the basic needs of life and even celebration. Micro loans for small business are a great idea and exist through CalMeadow Metro Funds so that if someone buys a renewable resource (like cows, chickens, farm animals, craft work, other small business interest etc.) the loan can easily be paid back, it makes real the possibility of a better livelihood and can feed the beginning stages of growing a small business. Also, one of the main natural resources of Africa is sunlight, one possibility is to mass produce solar batteries (the price of new technology decreases when it has beenmass produced and in popular usage) to power computers and appliances, or solar operated computers and appliances. With access to computers and the Internet, the possibility of the Free School is offered and with it the greatest possibility of freedom, social stability and peace. Through the Internet it is possible to find out who you are, the history of your peoples, what it means to be you in relation to your peoples, in relation to other peoples and what it means to be you in relation to the Western world (and the history of the Western world). Through knowledge of the past it is possible to break into a new freedom of possibility, the possibility of enough and with enough, the possibility of personal happiness and peace. With self knowledge and knowledge of the karmic keys, it is possible to have a happy love life, people are meant to be with their Fated Others. It is possible to take I.Q. tests over the Internet and discover your psychological type and what is the most suitable profession for you in relation to your natural talents, your calling for work. It is also possible to research anything over the Internet and possible to pick up some of the education needed for work training as well as knowledge on any subject for any project or life circumstance. The Internet is an immeadiate source of news (local and global), literature and the mass media. As the ultimate Community billboard, you can find anyone or any goods or services in your local Community (or in the world) that you might need. i.e. Craig's List. It is possible to offer and purchase secondhand goods, placing goods that are not in use in the hands of someone who needs them. It is important to have access to resources that keep the Community whole and functioning, Charities (that fill in the gaps of most need), barter and food resources. If you need something it is possible to network over the Internet and find what you need, sometimes for barter, sometimes at reduced cost, sometimes even for Free. Also it is possible to apply for work and communicate with friends, business people through free email. The Internet is the virtual Marketplace, the Marketplace of Greatest Possibility building Community, eCommerce and ultimately the economy and peace. That the magic that is Africa be restored to a happy place in the sun. The Way of Peace,

with love,


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