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World Message of Peace

It is quiet sunlight and cold this season of Beltane at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Beltane is the midpoint in the progression of the sun between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, welcoming the union of the God and Goddess and the return of warmth and the greening of trees and woodlands in celebration of joy and hope. A time of marriages and Maypole celebrations, often couples would make love outside to bless the earth and the fields to ensure a good harvest. Often marked by bringing fresh flowers into the home, hawthorn, lilac, roses and rosemary amongst others.

I am working on writing poetry and planning for quilting. I have written The Book of Blue, a romance in poetry which I will be publishing in serials. The First Book of Blue with video is posted at www.tympanilanerecords.com.

The following are thoughts on how the elite operates . . .

“ There are no victims, only volunteers. ”
- Collective Wisdom

“ All elites are basically corrupt. ”
- Paul Richard (Landscape Architect)

“ Just say no to violence. ”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

The Western elite uses the cultural protocol as a sucker punch, those that forget or screw up the cultural rules usually have to settle in their love lives, so that the elite can then use them as body doubles giving them a marriage partner that looks like the principals marriage partner. The same is true of the unofficial rules of love (including cursing) and the economy, they may cause people to be used in body double security paradigms rather than marrying their star-crossed lovers or preferred lover on a sign from God. How a group of people would collectively accept ignoring signs from God as a cultural effect is the basis of blasphemy and karmic dissonance. The dis-ease of not being at-home in ones love life causes suffering and brokenness creating economic drivers, addictions, violence, suicide, debt and war.

The elite is using the yoke of the culture/political paradigm for their security designs, if they really worked for constructive synergies they would ensure that people were married to their star-crossed lover/more suited lover in covenant, this would create better energy, peace and enough rather than the violence of karmic dissonance, debt and war. If you have too much monies and are concerned about “the crazies” one solution is to give your money away (or at least keep it in motion so it is helping others), so you are like everyone else and work for creative change. The reason “the crazies” exist is because they are suffering from violation issues in their love lives, making them angry and depressed, possibly alcoholics and drug addicts, possibly violent and/or suicidal and they may have perceived disparity issues. If you have so much money you do not feel comfortable walking down the street, in my opinion something is wrong.

Creating economic drivers was I suspect an experiment in the economy after World War II to generate wealth, something invented by someone who had not suffered in their love life, who I suspect did not realize the karmic dissonance and violence they were creating. People in happy well discerned covenant marriages who are karmically pure could not begin to understand the degree of suffering of people who are karmically impure with serial sexual relationships. Economic drivers are broken with multiple sexual partners, their suffering causes the intervention of the Holy Spirit who gives them great talents and gifts that may make them and other people monies. Karmic dissonance from their suffering causes consumerism, violence, drug/alcohol addictions, suicide, debt and war. In the economic driver paradigm the person is broken sexually so they may theoretically settle with anyone the elite cares to introduce for their final marriage partner, a face card of someone’s marriage partner in the elite, an elite security paradigm. Sometimes the economic driver suffers so much they move the Holy Spirit over anyone they meet, this phenomenon is an offense and an abuse in the face of God. I suspect the economic driver phenomenon is an elaboration from the Weimar Republic of World War II and Old World Europe creating a war culture.

The Western cultural paradigm is a sucker punch, either people don’t believe it or they are not socialized properly, causing trespass, when trespass occurs someone may die. Then there are recriminations and if the “hit” is not returned the protagonist may have his love life cursed (also ex-lovers may curse your love life) possibly ruining the protagonists personal life. The “opera” is like a bad television program in which the entire village participates in. The village people watch as people die and peoples lives are ruined; some people become celibates, some celibates join the Catholic Church, others become whores, some take multiple lovers or are in serial relationships (so any punk can have a piece of ass), some people drink themselves to death, some suicide, some murder people, some join the army and murder people – a huge silent drama – people backing their favourites and giving upper cuts to those they don’t support and sometimes withholding information if it is perceived as too dangerous to communicate or if they enjoy watching others suffer. If the Community stands together the protagonist may either be turfed (they can’t talk to anyone without getting an upper cut and may suicide or have to move to a different place) or supported and the protagonists enemies turfed. If the Community is not in line with the Holy Spirit, innocents may be scapegoat. It is a paradigm in which children and young adults are betrayed by their own family members so they don’t get to marry their star-crossed lover, so they suffer, become economic drivers and may suicide or become psychotic.

Economic drivers are basically entertainment, large bright sex toys that are beautiful, interesting, charismatic, writers/artists, creative people who are always coming up with new ideas, products, insights, prophecies. For this “Jewish Effect” they suffer incredibly causing karmic dissonance, addictions, suicide, murder, violence and war. To purposely withhold cultural/karmic information causing the person to trespass cultural rules contributing to making them a whore and economic driver so people can make monies or put them in a place where they have to accept a security paradigm double is a sin and turns the Western world into a satanic cult.

The “House” system is an effort in social control. What happens to one person in that “House” may happen to everyone in that “House”, people may be offered deals on things they need in return for settling into a “House” facecard marriage (preying on those in poverty away from star-crossed lovers). In my opinion someone should not be held responsible for other peoples actions, it is a huge dynamic that creates suffering. Having too many lovers, in serial relationships, settling into a bad facecard marriage, or in celibacy or some version of marriage other than with your star-crossed lover or on a sign from God causes suffering and economic drivers. The short term monetary gain is offset by karmic dissonance due to suffering from sexual violation issues manifesting addictions, suicide, murder and a debt ridden and war economy.

The rules of this culture are out of context with the Holy Spirit. Ideally, all cultural/political paradigms would not harm others, regardless of trespass. An inline culture would not ignore signs from God, ignoring signs from God sets up a culture of violence, a lack of safety and jeopardizes democracy. A culture in which everyone has a happy love life, marrying their star-crossed or more suited lover on a sign from God and lives according to their calling is a safe and happy place. The spiritual wealth of happy love lives would create peace and the wealth of enough. A “just say no to violence” attitude with people handling their grief and anger in positive ways without hurting innocents or their ex-lovers and better discernment in marriage would go a long way to healing and celebration.

The Way of Peace,



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