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It is quiet evening with sunlight and shadow through the trees, I am writing "my love lay sleeping" this early Summer at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Poetry is writing . . . the first 3 Books of Blue have been published at www.tympanilanerecords.com with videos, there are more coming, hopefully to be released every Friday.

I was inspired by the MemeFest writing competition with the theme of "Debt" and produced the following short story titled "Next . . . "

Consumerism in the 21st Century, the secret driver of Western society was created by an experiment in sexual licentiousness for the masses fueling credit card debt and a pink candy idea machine that left the world teetering on the edge of atomic warfare. The unsuspecting masses lured by illusions of pretty sex pictures became heartbroken, angry and depressed, looking for comfort in shopping therapy.

As if Alice in the looking glass, people gaze at the opulent goods offered by society, which they may or may not be able to afford. The need to own was fuelled by the pretty pictures of mass marketing and one upmanship so that when a new piece of technology or trend was introduced people felt they had to have it. (Alice was afraid of not being affirmed if she did not buy that new ________________ illustrating a lack of support for the wealth creation machine of that particular family perhaps leading to insults and social exclusion or at the very least a paucity in entertainment). Out of the depths of materialistic longing arose the need for magic, someone would wave a magic wand and that new ______________________ would be yours. So the credit card, mothers little helper until payday was invented aussaging consumerism.

But what was fuelling consumerism? The answer is your friends and family, all on bated breath with plans for your love life, inside the big machine. People frigging up young peoples love lives so that they would be economic drivers providing new ideas to run their families and friends of their families and even complete strangers businesses. If the game became really rough it could become akin to industrial farming meat practice, Alice (from here on to be known as “piggy”) alone in a room, steaming through new ideas for gourmet cooking, the next new product, the next streamlined version of that product, strap lines, dialogue for movies, ideas for movies, ideas for books, writing books, writing movies, designs for clothes, making clothes, ideas for paintings and art installations, making paintings and art installations, mother nature abhors silence and tabla rasa. The drive driving, suffering from rape (“where is my boyfriend?”) celibacy (“where is my next boyfriend?” so I can be raped?) having multiple boyfriends at one time “maybe one of these will stay” (so I can be raped repeatedly by different people) defilement (“I don’t want another boyfriend, I think I’m queer”). Not unlike a meat product (“piggy”) in a cage and each with their own individual due date. “This one goes home (gets married) (not unlike a death experience for dear “piggy”) at age ____________________ (24 if they like you or over 50 if they don’t like you and maybe if they hate you, you don’t get to go home). Living in some seasonal dystopia, hell at the bottom of a shot glass spring, summer, fall, winter and spring over and over again . . . in deep suffering creating creative ad nauseum. Tortured with sexual violation issues “piggy” is angry and depressed and when angry and depressed “piggy” goes shopping. However, if “piggy” is not being compensated in the New Economy with at least part-time work or can’t afford tuition to get schooling to find work or is between contracts or is too drunk to work (but not too drunk to come up with new ideas) s/he is often living at home being tortured by their family.

Somehow she has gained a credit rating and been offered the magic credit card so she can afford _________________ soma for an unfortunate life of too much wine and too many lovers. But there really isn’t enough monies to pay down the credit card and debt starts to grow like a hole in the universe a reflection of a hole in her heart. Over a period of years the bill increases until the minimum payment is too uncomfortable and sobbing “piggy” enquires of money crisis alternatives. The first person “piggy” consults offers to pay down the card in exchange for sexual services “say a years worth of blow jobs” said noncommittally, flustered “piggy” says “you can’t be serious” and laughs nervously, moving on . . . the second person trouble shoots business ideas and money making schemes but “piggy” no longer has any startup capital . . . the third person suggests committing bankruptcy, 3 small payments over 6 months and the debt is history, no more nasty phonecalls and fear of Galucci brothers-type loans. Like waving a magic wand the debt is no more.

This person is major entertainment for the elite, look at everything she can do and all the money she makes for people driven by suffering from sexual violation issues. As if a gift from the elite, committing bankruptcy, the large, debilitating debt is no more, the spun sugar candy system lurches into life forgiving the unfortunate “piggy” who goes on her way, breathing a little deeper and a little wiser vowing not to do it again (yet possibly going on to repeat the offense if she cannot find her perfect love interest). Out of the pockets of our local money lenders, to you our little “piggy”. Here “piggy” for all your creative moneymaking schemes, “this buds for you” lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaland.

" Pst, pst . . . what do you do if you can’t afford to commit bankruptcy? "

(live underground, get some fake I.D., pick up a gun or a guitar – disconnect your cell phone, move to Alaska but that’s another story . . . )

N.B.: Somewhere in the scrap yard someone figures out that the more the top “piggies” suffer the more they produce - digging out and dusting off an old doll, a sucker for punishment, this one will do . . . (send it along to #QT006 . . . ) Next . . .



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