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It is full with Summertime in Montreal at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. Students and neighbours have been out shivareeing the government most nights now since April, a festive banging of pots and communion.

I am scheduled to read from some of my new poetry books at infringement Festival Montreal 2012, the Concordia Coop Bookstore on June 19th @ 8:00 p.m. I am currently launching The Book of Blue in serials, The Fifth Book of Blue is being published soon. The Grif and Other Conversations (Part I) is written, Part II is almost finished, On watching snow falling needs some photographs and The Midnight Sun: poetry after night is writing. I have 3.5 songs awaiting music.

The following are thoughts on the silent diaspora, the dance of trespass and forgiveness, in the Western world . . .

" Economic growth may one day turn out to be a curse rather than a good, and under no conditions can it either lead into freedom or constitute a proof for its existence. "

- Hannah Arendt (Political Theorist)

" We have come to a turning point in the road. If we turn to the right mayhap our children and our children's children will go that way; but if we turn to the left, generations yet unborn will curse our names for having been unfaithful to God and to His word. "

- Charles Spurgeon (Baptist Preacher)

How often are innocents being murdered? how often are people’s love lives going awry? My impression from news reports of suicide and violence is that something is wrong, it is too easy to curse someone or be cursed. In my own life I know some of my women friends were not married until later in life (50), at least 9 of my friends/acquaintances have killed themselves (they were all single) and most of my artists friends seem to have revolving lovers. I am celibate and hope to marry one day. I met someone briefly in Barrie, Ontario (1980’s) who went psychotic and killed 3 people, I also suspect some of my friends/acquaintances have operated or been operated on by their ex-lovers.

If people have cursed people and the love relationship is not resolved there is potentially major trouble. Cursed people are often stuck in rotating love relationships causing sexual violation issues that can lead to suicide or psychosis. Also to have cursed someone can cause such bad karma that the trespasser suicides. It is important to know that to give more than a slight of public opinion can cause you to be a reflected psychotic, damage your reputation and could cause you to suicide. Cursing is a bad game that hurts people, it is more proactive to be better mentored and discerned in love relationships (read the Christmas Newsletter 2011 on finding the perfect lover) and be fully versed in the cultural and spiritual rules. Cursing can become a slow painful game where after having more than 5 lovers the person is karmically impure and I suspect this alone makes it difficult to make a love relationship work longterm. However, it is possible to find karmic redemption through an arts calling or a special calling for work but it takes about 20 years and it is based in signs from God.

Also, not being socialized in the culture may set up a situation where trespass occurs. I suspect this situation is rare, may particularly occur if you are a “plant” (you were not sired by your mother’s husband and the family withholds information because they are angry) or are brain damaged. Sometimes young adults (over 12 years old) if only partially socialized can get into trouble, it is important to be fully socialized, the more you know the less likely there is to be a problem (see what you can pick up in the street, from elders and reliables (people usually in a state of grace i.e. school teachers). Something may also be wrong if your family is affiliated with a Communist government or a Fascist government or a corporation that has a mandate for killing basically innocent people to further their geopolitical, social control or economic driver interests. If there is trouble in your family and “hits” go down regularly, it is not a safe place, the reflected negative karma will cause a lack of respect and arguments/violence within the family and between the family and the Community. If it is a very conflicted situation it is best to leave the family at 16 years old and make your own way, if you stay in regular contact you may be considered guilty by association and blamed for supporting psychotics.

I also suspect that young adults are maneuvered away from their star-crossed lovers to fit in with elite security paradigms, the more people suffer (in celibacy, ill-suited marriages, revolving lovers) the more they drive the economy. The reasons people may not marry their star-crossed lovers is because they have trespassed and who they may marry is cursed/manipulated or the star-crossed lover may not be the same political affiliation or the star-crossed lover is not the right “House” (physical type).

There may also be “Hidden Agendas” at work where people in your life may have plans for you. The important thing is to be awake, well versed in the rules that apply to your culture and have knowledge of the basic spiritual rules and signs from God. People in this society live or die by their reputations, it is important not to slander people or misrepresent situations, the truth can usually be discerned by the Oracles/elders in the Community through signs from God.

In my opinion the rules of cursing are being abused and are out of context in the New Age world. People don’t curse their friends or you won’t have them anymore (even an upper cut over longterm can cause someone to suicide). People are so tortured they develop a thank you attitude for any good thing that happens and there is a certain Zen – “the light at the end of the tunnel” phenomenon if the cursed person survives.

The entire Matrix of white face society is very expensive in lost souls and lost time. Often the innocent are thrown into the fire can only to lose their right to have a family (husband/wife and children) until they regain their karmic purity through a calling for work or arts calling when they are around 50 years old after their best years are behind them and women are too old to have children. White culture is basically a paranoic that makes people scapegoat when people have died without getting to the root of the problem, if there even is a problem, conveniently making innocents scapegoat so that they become whores (particularly heartbreaking for women) and economic drivers so capitalists can make money from their suffering. In the grand silent suffering and gnashing of teeth through eons of years without speech and even without thoughts. A silent white ghost glad hand that applauds with every broken soul, every rape and every death. In the background everyone makes money, from the drug pusher in the street to the pharmaceutical companies; people become depressed and broken hearted and go shopping, perhaps purchasing things they don’t need, in the Old Economy people had jobs and they worked until they broke. The weight of personal suffering through sexual violation and/or celibacy and/or ill-suited marriages often tips the scale into an underground war and actual war.

The white face culture truly reeled out of control with the Industrial Economy, the Old Wisdom of the Agricultural Society were lost or misconstrued with the movement off the land to cities, birthing 2 World Wars, genocide, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the Middle East; a struggle for resources for a burgeoning world population and the personal karmic impurity through taking too many lovers born of a culture that subverts itself, in the quest for monies. I suspect in Old World Society only a very few people suffered from the cursehold, now in this society, I suspect a majority of people are karmically impure and the entire scene is out of control. The role of artist is burgeoning, I suspect because of less employment but also because of stressed love situations. Like a bad game of too much grasping, the karmic dissonance of too much suffering is shaking the foundations into violence/war and morphing the world into the new creation.

The New Age Economy, the Age of the Computer struggles with the additional issues of less employment, the old adages of the Industrial machine are giving way to a more enlightened system of government and everyday life based in the real values of family, enough and time. The old cursehold has no place in this society, it is outmoded, the use of entertainment and revealing the face of God under very stressful circumstances is morphed into better mentoring and discernment, everyone should have an idea of God and His mysteries, an idea of culture and the social/political construct, and an idea of self from happier marriages based on a sign from God, a gentler more instructive way that would give people the gift of life in dance as they were meant to be, free, without violence and with an understanding of love.

The Way of Peace,



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