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infringement Festival Montreal 2012
The Dumpster Dive Art Drive
The Alley Behind Bifteck
June 18th, 2012 - 5:00 p.m.

It was a quiet, overcast day up on the Plateau full of blue, with the edge of protest and Summer. The street festival was in full swing and in the alley behind Biftek, The Dumpster Dive Art Drive was a popular spot for infringers, art show patrons and people happening by. The art exhibitions with their descriptions were posted amongst the graffiti and wine was served. A send up of the high art scene with an ecological message, pieces of trash were presented as objects d’art, the celebration of expensive cast off packaging was accompanied with social commentary and humour. “Sex in the City” featured the adult section of the Mirror zine spray painted with a little red paint posted on a dumpster for $10. “Postmodern Bouquet” featured Styrofoam, plastic and dead plants with the description “This bouquet of found objects represents the postmodern offering of the 21st century. Unlike flowers of the past, this bouquet of the future is truly artificial” Cost: $10,000. “Fuck a Fine!” by Pou-Belle featured ripped up fines with the description “The corporate officers who gave out this fine Do Not control the person who ripped it” Cost: Priceless. As the late afternoon progressed, infringers infringed having some great conversation, Jay was heard to say “I don’t want to waste the wine – that’s alcohol abuse” as he poured another glass. As people came by he introduced the Art Show by saying “All local garbage, nothing was imported from other alleys.” Another great street theatre show by infringement Festival Montreal.

infringement Festival Montreal

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