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infringement Festival Montreal 2012
infringement Therapy @ Barfly
5:00 p.m.

A beautiful hot late Summer afternoon, I wandered up St. Laurent Boulevard from Sherbrooke Metro to Barfly. Donovan King and Karen Spylake hosted infringement Therapy, a wacky interactive street theatre work spoofing the consumerist society that started on the steps of the bar. Karen in white lab coat and Occupy mask mimed her role and handed out red squares. Donovan, in a humourous heavily accented Swedish impersonation of a researcher handed out questionnaires which we the patrons filled out. The questions centered around corporate advertisement and logos and “brain washing” by powerful corporations with practices that may not always be ethical. Coincidentally, it was Don’s birthday and we headed up to the Fringe Festival to continue the comedy (as every year on Don’s birthday he heads up to the Fringe, an ongoing rivalry that has at best been contentious over the years). Surprisingly we made it through the front gate without being confronted and Donovan was politely asked if he wanted to address the audience. We had drinks and food and bluegrass music was playing. Donovan made an announcement about the infringement Festival. They were giving away door prizes and surprise of surprises free gifts came our way, a huge free pack of condoms was tossed to the table amongst much hilarity and laughter. At the end of the afternoon infringement Therapy continued outside the Fringe Festival, as our corporate branding was excised with a diggery doo and the beating of the casserole. We drew pictures of our favourite corporate logos to rename the Fringe Festival (in honour of Don’s offending a corporate sponsor and getting kicked out of the Fringe about 10 years ago) and then we deposited them in the street sewer drain at the end of the infringement. With such a beautiful welcome the edge was off the usual pillory of the Fringe Festival and we went on our way having excised our corporate demons, at one with the Spirit of blue and Montreal.

infringement Festival Montreal

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