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infringement Festival Montreal 2012
Spoken Word @ The Concordia Coop Bookstore
June 19th 8:00 p.m.

Heading down to the Guy Concordia Metro after infringement therapy, the night opened into Festival. There was a small crowd of mostly spoken word performance artists in the intimate old fashioned space. The tension of the season of protest pervaded as most performers paid homage to the political consciousness of the Occupy Movement. Laurence Tennenbaum hosted the evening, he is a Poet/Musician/Artist who started the event with an impromptu poem about the Occupy Movement titled Red Square. He also read Phantom Images and P attacks I, humorous and edgy poetry, occasionally silly and full of the consciousness of the New Age. Ra’akone took the stage with his quirky, humorous poetry protesting social conformity, with “Dead men in funny hats” sung like a Broadway show tune. Followed by “The Hawiaan Mafiaocracy” and “The Coke Brothers” often chanted, he ended the set with the comment “exposed to all our ears, I am not Rick James and none of us are octopuses.” The famous Jason C. McLean, Singer/Rap Artist/Comic (frontman of the band [sic]) an underrated talent, started his set with a serious intonation, making an adlib comedy riff out of the line “the raccoon is sleeping.” Going on to a spoken word theatre set of previously written song lyrics including “Witchita girl” and ending with a serenade of The Prince of Bel Air. Dressed in a rather outrageous Tarzan costume with a large false moustache, Christopher Zacchia entertained with a reading from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, an account of Elizabeth fighting zombies, I don’t know if anyone was married by the end of the story but then again this was abrogated Jane Austen. Next, I was introduced by Laurence, I arranged the raw prints of the 2 poetry books, The Grif and Other Conversations: poetry from the street (Part I and II) and began a night of poetry. The poems are influenced by Beat Poets of the ‘60’s in the voice of a Black girl in dialogue, the inside meme of a lost country and the struggle with the new/old ragtime in the birth of the New Age. There was lively discussion and free soda pop, someone’s cell phone rang imperceptibly in the middle of the performance but no one noticed, the hat was passed, as the night ended early we headed out into Montreal streets.

infringement Festival Montreal

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