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infringement Festival Montreal 2012
Music @ Barfly
June 22nd, 2012
9:00 p.m.

A hot night up on St. Laurent Boulevard at Barfly. This small hole in the wall venue features some really great rock house music. The first act was Jacob Verghese with ragtime, sophisticated hillbilly music on acoustic guitar and banjo that didn’t seem to quite gel until the last song, “don’t turn the heat on unless its freezing.” Twisted Willow was a treat as Sophie and band sang accompanied by a guitar and African drum (Joe) serving up sweet and hot classic New Age rock n’ roll cover tunes. Toe tappin’ and dancin’ tunes that eventually had the crowd singing along. Beginning with “the big hot sun”, “on the lonely highway home” and the o’ so-right tune of “finally the tables are starting to turn, talkin’ about a revolution.” In the middle of the set Sophie picked up the guitar and played a ballad with introspective lyrics reminiscent of real poetry, exciting. A captivating performance of intertwining vocals, guitar and drum. I had to leave early to catch the Metro home but stayed long enough to hear Lloyd McHardy’s first song. A folk singer/songwriter from Nova Scotia he settled in for a night of bluegrass. Apologies to Elgin Skye and Trevor Davis, I hope to catch up with them at some point. The songs played long into the hot summer night up on the Plateau . . .

infringement Festival Montreal

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