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It is quiet hot, hot Summer at Tea at Tympani Lane Records in Montreal. The Atwater Market is a cornucopia of flowers and plants, the China Market is also a favourite. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the angel sculpture "The Eye" by David Altmejd on a trip to the Museum. This New Age scuplture is the most impressive and captivating post-modern work I have ever experienced. Finding the sculpture helped inspire a new series of poems that I hope to launch with photographs titled The Angel. The Book of Blue continues to be posted. The following are thoughts on cursing and karmic redemption . . .

“Do not do great harm for great good.”
- Collective Wisdom

“I was raised to think cursing makes you look unintelligent.”
- Chloe Moretz (Actress, Model)

“Society is a disconnected fascism, Community is an interconnected thought wave that saves lives.”
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

I suspect cursing in the past was like a pugilist scene, very much an art form that has since been denigrated to an obscene game of a bar-room brawl, witch hunts, winning at all costs, purposely creating violence, making women whores and making monies. It is a very powerful paradigm, karmic impurity and karmic redemption rooted in signs from God, that has been circumvented in the Modern world. The goal of cursing was to reign someone in who was not following the social mores or to keep a lover. Also, it was a way to let the person you were talking to know if you were going to take out a hit (if you didn’t approve of something they were saying or planning to do). I suspect in the earliest Agricultural Society, there was an altercation, somewhere someone disagreed so vehemently with someone that they or someone in their family turned up dead. So they decided to regulate the cultural cue so that i. you would know when someone vehemently disagreed with you and ii. you knew who it was so that if someone in your family turned up dead you knew what the argument was about and who was responsible (theoretically). The rules were well known, the consequences of being afoul of God may have been more well known and because of this there may not have been as much cursing. But, in my opinion it is too easy to be misunderstood, particularly in the fast-paced, politically and economically charged modern world.

In the slow-time Agricultural economy I suspect there was a certain social cohesion, people were better socialized, certainly better than today. In the Industrialized world the majority of the population moved off the land to cities so the Old Ways may have been lost and it may have been more difficult to account for people and their educations when the population had ballooned so incredibly. Also attitudes and values may have shifted to making monies and sex and entertainment so that cursing became abrogated into a game of making mayhem and violence, “making someone dance” as a gift (because sometimes cursed people become famous) when their personal lives made them a rape victim, often with addictions. Also, sometimes people die, they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, in an overly constructed world it is too easy to cast aspersion and blame innocents for happenstance with people going on witch hunts when they need to do more grief work. If someone is guilty of misusing a cultural cue and they are doing it on purpose, there are signs from God around this person, an empath may be able to detect things such as blood rust, usually not being in a state of grace etc., they may lose their teeth, they may be depressed and paranoid, they may be addicts and they will be living in an emotional hell before they get there often arguing with other people. Cursing may also have been supported by governments/corporations with hidden agendas (Communism/Fascism/the economy/elite security paradigms), an us and them mentality causing unexplained deaths with geopolitical and economic goals. I suspect there may be a general “mayhem” goal in the West from certain foreign governments and I suspect the West has certain rules of love/the economy that cause havoc amongst innocents preventing them from marrying their star-crossed lovers but supposedly ensuring safety and that the economy is successful(because of the karmic dissonance from too much suffering and the death of innocents, in my opinion it has the opposite effect both on safety and on the economy causing violence). This coupled with a house system of facecard doubles marrying face card doubles without due adherence to suitability and a sign from God causes suffering, mayhem and violence, fuelling the economic driver scene.

After 20 years or more of following a special calling for work or an arts calling, cursed people may find redemption in signs from God – so God with these signs was telling the Community the truth of the altercation, who was the sinner and who was the redeemed. It is important to follow the signs from God around someone who has been made scapegoat. The degree of redemption will tell if the person is innocent, when someone is innocent it is important that they do not suffer any longer and are allowed to marry a suited lover in covenant. If these signs were ignored I suspect there was controversy and violence possibly leading to war. Also if enough people were on the wrong side of an argument they could attempt to subvert the “winner”, in an attempt to win at all costs. Any justice subverted makes the society an unsafe place and creates controversy/violence denigrating the democracy. This is why it is important to forgive people when they are innocent and if something is wrong (and there are unexplained violences around someone) to explore it, figure out what is going on and come up with solutions to stop the violence. It is also important to not curse your ex-lover more than a slight of public opinion, better mentoring and discernment in love (and know thyself), making wiser decisions in your love life can circumvent a lot of heartache.

With the Industrialized society, the world became out of focus like a bad acid trip. In my opinion the cursing phenomenon became out of control, I say this from observations in my own life and from studying the violence of addictions, suicide and murder in North American society. The side effects of having been cursed and being righteous is that these people are community resources, they are leaders, they can tell right from wrong, they can tell when someone is lying, they streamline systems, invent products and may be artists/entrepreneurs. This is fueled by extreme suffering in their sex lives (either from celibacy, rape, serial sexual relationships, bad marriages) by the Holy Spirit in action giving light in bad situations.

A real society would not curse its own. It is a sign of greed and egotism. It is not a gift to do this to someone, the person may become famous and the odd one used to make money but it is too much suffering causing addictions and suicide and sometimes psychotic behaviour. People are meant to be with their star-crossed lovers or more suited lover, in covenant having a family if they have a calling to have children. This is the calling given to all people, people also have a calling for work, any strong natural calling to do something (as long as it is not against the Holy Spirit) that is not achieved during someone’s lifetime frustrates the will of God and is a blasphemy that rains down upon the society in violence and negative karma. People should not be walking around cursing people and not knowing it, people should not be walking around and cursing people and knowing it. Do not curse. If people did not curse we could all be with our star-crossed lovers or more suited lover. The threat of implied violence should never connect in real time, society should be a community, a place of safety, no one should ever die surreptiously because of a misused cultural cue.

The entire old pagan cultural system has been lost or misconstrued in a struggle for resources and economic greed with the burgeoning population since the late 1800’s. I also suspect a majority of populations are karmically impure, having had too many lovers creating a violent society (a certain amount of karmic impurity usually exists (the ones that fall between the cracks because they don’t understand the karmic mysteries or because they are being cursed or because someone has a plan for them)). I suspect that the percentage of people who are karmically impure in the post-modern age is exponentially high. The less employment of the computerized economy is adding even more stress that could see the world rupture into violence.

Change is needed, in values (to happy marriages and enough), to low consumer costs (anything you need should be free or inexpensive), with part-time employment and a curse free zone so that the world morphs into a new way without violence. One solution is to pass on the old rules because it is tradition but it should never be connected in real time causing the death of an innocent. So that there is no violence, calls for a well connected Community that socializes, informs and looks after each other, making certain everyone has a happy love life (which for most is in covenant to their star-crossed lover), is following their calling for work and is properly socialized in happy/stable homes. Much strife could be avoided by disseminating the Spiritual Mysteries or karmic rules that govern life on earth. All the Spirit asks of us is that we do not hurt each other, marry our star-crossed or more suited lover and follow our calling for work. It is also important for governments/corporations/citizens to understand the new transition economy based in the computer (see the Love Economy Newsletter), that Mazetlan and a new beginning, a new peace is attainable within the Computerized Economy calling us into a celebration of the values of love, peace and enough for everyone in the creation of the New World.

The Way of Peace,



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