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World Message of Peace

As Montreal dresses itself for Christmas, we at Tea at Tympani Lane Records are celebrating . . . there has been an offer of a distribution contract for "Sleep quiet hearts . . ." Also, I have played in the Montreal Metro approximately 50 times since May 2007 and appeared at The Pound three times. CD's of Traditional Folk Music (Rebecca Anne Banks: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue . . . ) are available for purchase at the Metro and stage concerts. Currently, I am writing the CD project "Songs from the Island of the Blue Dolphin", having penned "Watermark Bridge", "A place, I watch the sky", "The Dance of Butterflies: Tell my lover I'm waiting . . . ", "Sleep quiet hearts . . . " and writing "The quiet of winter." I hope to be back in the studio recording by Summer.

"A wise man will make haste to forgive because he knows the true value of time and will not
suffer it to pass away in unnecessary pain."

- Dr. Samuel Johnson; poet, essayist, biographer, literary critic, lexicographer

The post modern Western Society as we know it is very much a reflection of Society from hundreds if not thousands of years ago. However, many of the Old Ways have been lost or misconstrued, causing social upheaval, chaos and war. Paganism in its purest form worships and celebrates the Seasons as well as procreation. A major tenet of Wicca is "thrice x's thrice", so that what you do comes back to you three times, so if you do something that helps someone, good things happen to you threefold, however if you hurt an innocent in some way this will also come back to you three times greater than the original slight. Often evil is largely unconscious, people do not realize what they are doing or sometimes people are very self-centered and do not understand themselves in relation to other people. Having a very large ego ruins the world. The recognition and true seeing of another human being is to recognize that this person has the same rights under God and the universe. Boundary issues occur when someone trespasses against another, knowing where you begin and end and where another begins and ends is important. Sometimes people just need to be enculturated and mentored properly within the basic Life Ways of the Community. When people have trespassed they need to participate in a cleansing ceremony (Confession etc.) and resolve not to trespass again. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." God is subtle, He speaks to all of us, sometimes it is just necessary to ask a lot of questions and become wise in the ways of religious mystery. To truly "See God" and to have special knowledge of the Holy Spirit, to be able to understand the world inside the Spirit of the Word rather than the letter of the Word, it often helps to fast (yet drink water) and spend days in silence, prayer and keeping a journal. If there is a rule or a law about something, it is usually there for a reason, particularly if it prevents someone from hurting themselves or others. The draconian nature of modern Western society occurs when people do not handle their personal lives properly and act out inappropriately, when innocents are made to suffer. It is one thing to cause public opinion to crash in on the lover who has deserted and quite another to cause collateral damage. The state of love is a modern day tragedy; tragedy is too easy. It is important to Know Thyself and know what you are doing in relationship. There are basic cultural mores and karmic tenets of life and love, ask a lot of questions, having a happy love life is the key to life. After a certain number of lovers one becomes karmically impure and it becomes very difficult to have a happy love life that works. Everyone has a Fated Other, someone they are perfectly suited for. Ideally, there would be an elder in your family who would guide you with discernment in your love life. Love is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly, not having a love life that works, is happy and committed is a serious hurt. After food and shelter, having a happy love life is a basic life need. However, the Society often feeds off of the emotional pain of broken relationships. Broken relationships increase the productivity of workers and it is these people that drive the economy which improves the economy on a surface level. However, the pain of broken relationships is also very expensive, it increases drug use, creates mental patients, people that are too broken to work, suicides, murders, rape and creates war and a debt ridden economy. So there is a certain karmic dissonance in the Western World and in the Western economy. The Demaricon: In the House of the Oracle will deal with the topic of the economy with a possible panacea in greater detail.

For those in reduced economic circumstances it is possible to survive this Christmas. There is a thriving secondhand economy on Craig's List, a fantastic online marketplace that links people with goods and services. It is possible to find goods and services for Free, barter and at reduced cost as well as being a social exchange site, linking people to their local Community through Volunteer, Job Opportunities and Personals. Often Food Stores and Department Stores will advertise specials in flyers and it is possible to find special items for good prices. Bargain stores and Secondhand or Thrift Shops are great places to find good buys on everyday items as well as occasionally discovering a wonderful treasure. Shelters and Food Banks help out with food supplies.

Give someone a hug this Christmas!

Joyeux Noel!



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