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World Message of Peace

Rainstorm broke the incredible Summer heat this afternoon as the day rounds into the shadows of evening at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The Book of Blue is posted entire on the Web site. The Grif and Other Conversations: Part I and II is about to be launched. The Angel is writing and will contain a series of photos of "The Eye" angel statue by Montreal photographer Holly Ferguson.

“ The work of art is a scream of freedom. ”
- Christo (Artist)

“ Knowledge has become the new wealth. ”
- advert on Internet

“ Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment. ”
- John Bradshaw (Psychologist, Self-help Guru)

“ You can only live in one room at a time. “
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist)

“ Quality of life may become the new wealth. “
- Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist)

The following are thoughts on the Zen of living in the New Economy . . .

Who is happier, the guy in a 9-5 office job or the beggar on the corner? Any monotonous routine will get you down. Do something different, take some time off. Work out your priorities, it is more important to follow your mission for life (work, lovelife) than make monies at something you are not suited to or having an unhappy lovelife? And often in following what you are driven to do you become successful. Off the grid . . . it is possible to live.

In the example of the artist Christo, sometimes you have to wrap something up that you love that is familiar so you can’t see it anymore and then a couple of days or a couple of weeks later take off the wrapping and you can come to appreciate what you love even more. Even if that wrapping is a metaphor. It is a form of giving thanks and finding new appreciation. If you are bored with the perfect job or the perfect lover, maybe take a vacation or some time off so you can come back together in love and refreshed.

Boredom and false realities, and purpose and what you need to get done. How your purpose should not be frustrated by other people. Other people’s plans for you should not interfere with your calling for a lover or your calling for work. You also should not be frustrated in something you want to do if you have a calling to do it (as long as you are not going against the Holy Spirit), anything you need should be free or inexpensive. Network with other people with similar goals, pool your resources, look for bargains. (with the Internet this is very possible, a dearth of producers causes prices to go down in competition for your dollar.) What could save a decreased employment economy (the computerized economy) is lay-away or rent to own. For big ticket items like computers or appliances or renovations, vacations any big ticket item, people could put a downpayment down and pay off the item over a period of 6 months (it could save the retail market), taking the item home when it has been fully paid off. Rent-to-own, could be applied also to big ticket items, like computers and you put a downpayment, take it home and use it and put a payment down every month until it is paid.

Sometimes the best celebration is being in a really good love relationship, you get by financially somehow and celebrate every day. Every day is special. No one has the right to screw over someone’s love life, if 2 people want to be together, they should be together for as long as the relationship is good for both people. You should never take out a lower cut on an ex-lover. Never take out a lower cut period, it is stinky, it causes a negative set of circumstances (enemies, people taking sides, bullying) that can cause your bed to be cursed, makes for underground wars, violence and actual wars. People live or die by their reputations, the truth of any situation will set you free, like the walls of Jericho, the army marched around the city 6 times on the 7th time the walls fell. Sometimes people don’t believe in following social mores but if by following the karmic custom you are perceived as innocent, it is important to not get your communications crossed with people, including thought, word and deed. Children should not have to worry about social protocol, if there are disparate distant members of the family, everyone should be better looked after. In my mind ideally everyone would have a happy love life which for most is being in a covenant marriage to their star-crossed lover. If no one cursed we would all be with our star-crossed lover. If a trespass in social protocol never connected no one would have to worry about it, we would all be h

Who needs a system of social control? The entire universe is run by the principals of the Spirit (or any name you want to give God), the signs from God that come on key life events and when needed. These signs help keep people karmically pure (being in a happy covenant marriage keeps people happy, healthy and without violence) and tell the ultimate truth about people, life and situations. People should hold themselves responsible to a code of ethic, so that they do not hurt each other, when you trespass against someone, it makes you feel badly and/or gives you negative affect. All God asks of us is not to hurt each other, marry your star-crossed lover and follow your calling for work. In my opinion the struggle for resources is a matter of better management, there are disparity issues but there is incredible wealth. It starts with something as simple as sharing your food with people rather than throwing it out. And as big as having a lot of money but keeping it in motion to help others.

Living well is the best revenge. Holistic practices of meditation, yoga, whole foods organic diet and regular exercise, drinking clean water can go a long way to better quality of life. Also dealing with the emotions of life in a positive way, anger management, journaling, Deep Process Work with a therapist can create a positive emotional landscape perhaps aided by an arts calling or calling for work and having a happy covenant love life. Perhaps the World Community of the future with the use of the Internet will bring us closer together, where anyone who needs help can find it. An open flow of information, karmic/spiritual rules and an idea of culture, an idea of peace will weave the world into a place of enough. Imagine/Imaginarium, if you can conceive of the ideal solution, voicing the idea can be enough to have it become a reality when enough people agree. If you need something you get it, perhaps networking over the Internet for viable low cost or barter solutions. As the New Economy shakes out with part-time work, happy covenant marriages and low cost goods and services, an incredible shift in values to more time and increased happiness in personal lives relieves stress on resources. Poverty becomes a state of mind, those that God knows and is in dialogue with are always home (just do not hurt others and understand the Spiritual Mysteries keeping prayertime) as long as you can get the basic needs of food and shelter, and the things required to practice your calling for work with happy love/family lives, what is more than this? You can only live in one room at a time, regardless of whether you live in a 2 room apartment or a 100 room mansion. The same as you can only have so many million dollars. Disparity issues become perceived, happiness is a gift of grace from God, emotional healing and being on good terms with family and the Community. Quality of life may become the new wealth.

There should be no places you can’t get to, a lover, home, a foreign destination, no goals that are left unaccomplished. A life well lived in the Spirit, is freedom and dance.

The Way of Peace,



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