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It is quiet Sunday rain at Tea at Tympani Lane Records, the gifts of White Pearl tea and Dim Sum beckon from the China Market. I have just published the EBook of poetry The Midnight Sun: poetry after night @ Poet's Corner. Coming Soon are The Grif and Other Conversations: more poetry from the street and The Angel (which features a special photograph installation). All EBooks of poetry come with videos. Poetry is writing and lyrics await music . . .

“ I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow . . . The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies. “
- Sheryl Crow (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

“ You should be able to get what you need when you need it. ”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ In the Old World Economy monies were more important than people’s lives. ”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

“ Heart ache makes people replace love with things. ”
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher)

The following are thoughts on whose bottom line the Old Economy is feeding . . .

The madness of the post-World War II experiment creating economic drivers fueling the economy in its malevalence fed entire industries of more as well as creating emotional violence, addictions, actual violence, suicide, murder and war.

The broken love life scene feeds addictions; the cigarette industry, the illegal drug scene, the alcoholic beverages industry, and pharmaceutical companies. As people become nerve-wracked over their love-life scenario they may smoke cigarettes to take the edge off. If they are in a great amount of emotional pain they may use illegal drugs and/or drink alcohol to smooth the rough emotional scape, sometimes becoming addicts. Often when cursing becomes out of hand (and someone cannot settle in with a permanent lover) or when someone has too many lovers and becomes karmically impure, they may suffer from sexual violation issues that cause anger and depression leading to self medicating or stays in psychiatric facilities where they are given anti-depressants and psychotropic medication.

Sometimes when people are caught in an array of serial lovers they may turn to prostitution so that they at least receive monies in exchange for the depression of having many lovers. (this is not good karma as it may betray the karma of love) (there is an Old World wisdom, love and death not for monies). The world of prostitution is fraught with violence as sometimes the women are beaten and murdered, and it is a violence of the soul sometimes leading women to addictions and suicide. And when people have multiple lovers they may use condoms more feeding the pharmaceutical industry.

Heart broken people often use “shopping therapy” as comfort. When people are missing a lover they often go shopping, it can feel better to buy something nice feeding the entire retail industry of the Western World. So that things become the center of values because a happy love life may be beyond your control.

The people who have had multiple lovers often have their survival instinct go into overdrive making them economic drivers. So that they are constantly coming up with new and better ideas for products, stream-lining systems, strap-lines, lines for movies and literature, artists, light houses that feed corporations, often improving the corporations bottom line. The immense suffering at the same time feeding the death culture, violence and war industry.

The sexually broken people of North America with their sexual violation issues, the underground battle of geopolitics and the war of people’s personal lives feeds the armaments industry as sometimes people become violent and pick up a gun. Being constantly in a state of frig people are being made soldiers, they are a population of people ready to fight and when the top of the pot boils over they are ready to go to war zones feeding the armaments industry and the oil industry (oil being used to run the machines of war).

With the burgeoning population and the competition for jobs and resources, sexual brokenness introduces a death paradigm that frees up resources in a limited resource economy and at the same time keeps the population down. It is a fear response that requires a fresh look, consciousness and less violent solutions.

It is a matter of values, the immensely over the top Old economy was unconscious like a monster with many limbs that had become out of control. The ever-increasing population and the move to cities and the Industrial economy, off the land and the common man feeding the sex industry, may have led to the broken family and a loss of socialization in the cultural rules as people may have been less accounted for. To comfort the ache of broken love lives people worked in factories and aussaged the machine. This out of control behemouth economy gave rise to civil wars in Russia, Spain, World War I and II and various wars throughout the 20th Century, as the concept of merit in political systems replaced the old idea of monarchies and gave rise to the concepts of Communism, Facism and Capitalism.

Perhaps the answers in the New Economy are better management and consciousness for a more creative ideal of happiness and peace. The New Economy is centered in the invention of the computer, giving people more time through streamlined systems and creating online entrepreneurs often placing people in home offices giving more time for family and better parenting. The less employment intrinsic in the New Economy could be offset by part-time work and perhaps a base line salary, with low cost housing and low consumer costs. It is not about more for me but enough for everyone, an evening out of disparity issues worldwide, in an awakening of the Spirit where people hold themselves accountable to the Holy Spirit and do not trespass against each other. People who are karmically pure in happy well discerned marriages (to a star crossed lover or more suited lover) I suspect create happier families with better socialized, healthier and happier children. Also, people who are following their calling for work are fulfilling their duty to the Community and I suspect would be happier in well suited work. A campaign of education in the Ways of the Spirit (Karmic principal) could wake up the global village to a better understanding of themselves, others and give new hope for peace and happier marriages. Keeping karmic purity would create a population of people in peace. This could be achieved through the Internet in the hands of the people. People should not be without their star-crossed lover or better suited lover in covenant, to offset possible increases in the population, birth control could be produced in very high quantities, making it very affordable and every child a wanted child. As everyone’s love life becomes a font of happiness, the cursehold of the white culture/geopolitics could be unhooked, so that contravention of or a lack of socialization in the “cultural rules” would be ignored, incredibly lessening the violence of this society and the bad game of rape or serial lovers, addictions, violence, suicide, murder and war. Instead of a competitive “us” and “them” mentality, the rights of all peoples are recognized and with better management everyone gets what they need when they need it. This information Internet based Community could be the cornerstone for better management solutions, that give all peoples a voice, a way to meet their needs, lessening disparity issues and a starting point for Community action, getting the word out, an interactive dialogue for peace and enough.

When the Internet is within the reach of the hands of everyone in the world, peace is nigh inside a new age of enlightenment and a realized Utopia. The Computerized economy inside the Spirit could create a community of enough for all peoples when everyone has a better understanding of God and the Spiritual Mysteries, is married to their star-crossed lover or more suited lover in covenant and practicing their calling for work with the basic needs of food, shelter, healthcare and education met. All God asks of us is not to hurt each other, marry your star-crossed lover and follow your calling for work. An economy that is inline with the Holy Spirit is a prosperous, happy and peaceful place inside the flowering of love, freedom and enough, just imagine.

The Way of Peace,



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