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It is the autumn season with the pumpkins and produce piled high at the Atwater Market, we are waiting for the Amaryllis plants to arrive, at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I am just completing some web upgrades, including Tell a Friend, which works but may end up in your friends Junk Email Folder (so if they say they didn’t get your email, tell them to look there) and we are going international with a foreign language upgrade that features 60 different languages. There is also a Comments Box where you can leave me messages, ask questions or give impressions of the day etc. 2 EBooks of poetry are about to be published in the next 6 months, The Grif and Other Conversations: more poetry from the street and The Angel. Poetry is writing, I just wrote a piece inspired by a 1962 interview with Sylvia Plath and the reading of Daddy on YouTube for Montreal Postcards. There are music videos and videos for the EBooks of Poetry from Tea at Tympani Lane Records also on YouTube.

“ and we can be heroes, just for one day . . . “
- David Bowie (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

What are we wearing at Tea at Tympani Lane Records?

The Code: In Colour

Good design. Elegance, simplicity. Big favourite colours and textures. Make you feel better, like a gift someone could unwrap.

Silk chiffon is my favourite. Big blousy silk chiffon skirts and dresses that flow with little chop boots for street wear. Colour is in. Throwing out beige, black and white (unless it is your favourite colour). I love to wear my favourite colours, dark blue, midnight blue, dark orange, sea blue, dark teal. There are a couple of little Shang-ra-la shops (one is Little Shiva) down on Notre Dame Ouest that make big colour chiffon tops and African/Indian print dresses/skirts/everything for reasonable prices. It is butterfly girl clothes, wake up sunshine.

In lingerie colour is big. Camisoles, some edged in lace, worn as outerwear. Stretch lace tube bustiers with satin ties are elegant with or without lining. Also, thin strait leg stretch pants. With a little thicker weave for older women. No matter how conservative the outerwear, the wild with colour underwear say dance. The major Web sites for lingerie don’t seem to carry much underwear in colour, for the best price, huge colour selection and style assortment EBay is by far the best channel.

For comfort and elegance, cotton t-shirts in size large with their arms and necks cut out. Tucked into jeans, worn over stretch pants or as night-wear. Simple, soft and wear anywhere tops. Best bargains at the Salvation Army, Renaissance or Vintage Shops for $2.99, plus $6 at the seamstress for the neck and arm alterations.

Shoes. Low heals. Birkenstocks. In every favourite colour. Sandals in winter (with socks), that way you can imagine Summer all year round. And thigh high socks that rock all through the winter in colour. EBay is the best out of towner for Birkenstocks with low prices, Monolo Blahnik is a favourite shoe designer and thigh high socks are a staple at American Apparel (but AA could use a shakeup in the colour department, my favourite dark teal).

Purses. Tote-like bags or fancy backpacks. In every favourite colour. Second-hand shops, the Sallie Anne are great places to pick up inexpensive purses. I designed a fancy backpack that I get made up at the seamstress in cloth and sometimes leather and also haunt secondhand shops.

Scarves and Capes. Big, wrap them around your head and waist and in your favourite colours. Or make them into skirt or dress wrap. Simple and beautiful. Wearing 2 or more scarves at once. Like giftwrap. I haunt a local Indian shop (Little Shiva) for these in cotton and cotton/silk mixes, also chiffon and silk and anything scarf in a pleasing colour or design, particularly in size large will give you a big dramatic yet elegant look, particularly chiffon.

And if you really want a rocket powered look for winter streetwear, we want matching knit ski masks in our favourite colours so we can be super heroes . . .

The Way of Peace,



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