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It is the warm and quiet of the Autumn night after the storm at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. The Angel poetry EBook is hopefully being published in November 2012. This is a very exciting project of poetry with a photo installation of "The Eye" angel statue (David Altmejd) by Victor Tangermann. Actually seeing the Angel statue was the catalyst for the Muse and the writing of the poetry, a very beautiful work. The Web site is now fully multilingual. Poetry has been writing and song lyrics have been suggesting themselves in their quiet way . . .

“ All war is deception. “
- Sun Tzu (Military General, Philosopher)

“ What is the possible benefit? Can this material save lives? Can it improve the quality of life in Iraq? Can it tend to shape our perceptions of how war should and should not be conducted? Can it shape our perceptions of who should be conducting war and in what manner? And the answer to that is a clear yes. ”
- Julian Assange (WikiLeaks Founder, Activist)

“ The Internet is the zenith of the dialogue for peace between peoples. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

“ When love is war and other insouciancies. “
- Rebecca Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor)

The following are thoughts on the nature of war sparked by concerns for the murder of children in the Syrian war zone . . .

War is a man-made phenomena that has been part of human culture since the beginning of time. From the days of the Battle of Troy to the conquest by the Roman Empire and the horrific events of the 20th Century including World War I and II, Vietnam, Yugolslavia, the Middle East and various atrocities, often including genocide. The history of war into the present has been marked by the invention of ever more efficient means of murder. From the arrows and swords of Troy to the invention of dynamite and the gattling gun (precursor to the machine gun) and the atomic bomb of World War II. Why war? I suspect the us and them mentality and the struggle for resources is exacerbated by the difference of language, it is easier to fight with someone who you can’t understand or don’t like because they are dissimilar. War is innately the territory of men, men are creatures of action, in general they are physically stronger than women, possibly with a calling to protect the society and if karmically impure looking for a chance at karmic redemption. I suspect, on a social level, war is about 2 or more ethnic groups of people whose families have trespassed against each other with broken marriage vows, suicide and murder and/or perceived affluence (a certain ethnic group gets the jobs more than another ethnic group) causing intense dislike that erupts into violence. It is an escalated form of bullying where people kill each other. I suspect there is a certain egoism in any group of people who are willing to go to war, it is an “us” and “them” mentality where “we” are superior and “our” needs are more important than the denigrated “other” and/or on some level they perceive themselves as righting a wrong. Also, war is a battle for resources, claiming the women of another tribe to further your genetic inheritance and possibly claiming the goods of another nation. And behind any great war is Daddy Warbucks, the armament manufacturers, war machine, oil industry looking to sell their product.

What was the historical cause of war? War tends to be motivated on a social level (Troy, he stole my wife) and on an economic level (Menaleasus desired the artefacts of Troy, a very well developed society with beautiful things) and on a level of perceived self-righteousness, righting a wrong (Troy, getting Helene back). When the population exploded in the late 1890’s, the move to factory cities and the loss of the Old Wisdom of the agricultural communities and the ballooning of the sex trade industry, war I suspect became about cleaning out the karmically impure. People who have had too many lovers become more honed as workers becoming economic drivers but may also face addictions, suicide and violence, become murderers and may end up unemployed because it is difficult for them to make their love lives work in covenant. Those that survived the war may have been karmically redeemed and those that perished were no longer a potential problem for the Community. Also, war cleaned out the welfare rolls giving unemployed men a “job”. War created wealth for the elite with the selling of armaments and oil. War became about ensuring American economic interests (oil supply/infrastructure building) in foreign countries.

The nature of violence feeding on itself brings about many aberrations in war zones that may hurt innocents. In Troy all the male children were murdered so there would be no retribution for the death of their fathers (as karmic sonance it is interesting to note that the Greek armada was dashed on the rocks due to a storm after the Battle of Troy). The 20th Century has seen other aberrations that included genocide (the Shoa, Yugoslavia etc.), the death of the civilian population in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, child soldiers in Africa and now the murdering of children in Syria. What is the nature of war? I suspect the Old World Guild of the Soldier is a constructive set of rules that attempted to place the nature of war into a state of karmic sonance. From what I understand war should be between men who are karmically impure or who have been cursed by their ex-lover(s). These men may not be capable of karmic redemption on an arts calling. Karmically impure men who are not righteous are considered a “good call” on the battlefield. Innocents, women and children are not to be harmed. There needs to be clear and present danger to take up arms. These old ways make the war zone a contest to become karmically pure and spare the lives of innocents preventing human rights abuses. There are probably more unwritten rules of the War Guild.

With more proficient weapons has war become winning at all costs, despite the costs. With modern warfare, submachine guns, bombing of the general population, the murder of innocents, it is more difficult to make a good call on the battlefield, sullying the soldier and karmically destroying the righteous purpose of the war. When an innocent is harmed or murdered there is horrific karma that reflects back on the perpetrator, creating negative karma and possibly affecting the outcome of the war. Also overshadowing the modern war zone is the blatant economic agenda of selling armaments, machines of war, oil and ensuring oil supply lines in foreign countries. Western governments seem intent on backing foreign governments that look like a good cause when in fact they may be unreliable. With a perceived struggle for resources is war a way to keep the population down freeing up resources? The episode of modern warfare has spiraled into chaos, and needs to be rethought into some more compelling places of clearly good vs. evil, promoting education, happy covenant marriages, anger management, the building of economies and the sharing of resources.

If guns and bombs (particularly atomic bombs) were not produced would there be less murder? Who in their right mind would produce or use an atomic bomb? As far as I am concerned this piece of knowledge should be mothballed. In my opinion guns should not be readily available to the general population, it is too easy to kill and wound people. If no guns existed at all would there be no violence, or at least not as much murder. And then I remember Rwanda and how the 2 ethnic populations butchered each other with machetes. A death culture, murder and suicide is a mindset, violence, particularly in North America is exacerbated by people who are not awake, young adults who may not be properly mentored or know themselves enough to know what they are doing in their love lives. With an out of bounds white culture that is cruel in the extreme and allows people to curse each other into serial rape, addictions, suicide and murder situations on false precepts, needs to be abolished. If all cultures and all peoples had their needs met, happy covenant love lives, food, shelter, healthcare and education would there be less violence regardless if weapons were available? I also suspect war in Second and Third World countries may be driven by disparity issues, food security issues, a lack of needs met.

Conventional warfare (and street violence/domestic violence) could be reduced with an education campaign so that the population is kept karmically clean and in happy, well suited marriages – by giving basic information, that everyone has a star-crossed lover and how to discern a well-suited marriage. Someone with a happy love life in covenant does not want to kill people. So that the population does not go up, very inexpensive birth control should be available, when something is made in huge mass quantities the price goes down, with education for family planning. A return to an understanding of a subtle universe, the nature of good vs. evil, the nature of karma, better child rearing, peace within a less employment computerized economy (part-time work), the sharing of resources or better managed resources, anger management (emotional clearing, journaling, exercise). Cultural systems should be reformed so people have more chances to meet their star-crossed lovers with integrated school systems, integrated work places. Free or inexpensive Internet (maybe solar laptops) so that the different ethnic populations of the world come to know each other over Twitter and Facebook, there is a breaking down of barriers and language differences with translation buttons that lets people see each other. A recognition of a dialogue with “the other” becomes possible with new possibilities for enrichment, needs met and peace. The us and them mentality is lessened by the Internet as it is possible to dialogue with, get the word out and negotiate for what you need – with automatic translation the differences of language and our shared commanality of human existence becomes recognized. The Internet is the zenith of the dialogue for peace between peoples. It becomes the age of the thinking man. Guidance and strong communities where people help each other, it takes a community to raise a child. What if there was no need for karmic redemption because everyone knew the rules of karma and had a better understanding of discernment in their love life. What if white society was a curse free zone. The morass of economic drivers goes by the wayside and the Community becomes stronger and less violent with better discerned marriages and very few people become karmically impure in the post apocalypse economy. All the world peoples become demilitarized, living in peace with shared resources and enough for everyone. This is the ideal, but until this happens the armaments machine could be reduced to maybe two or three conflicts for those men that have become karmically impure and have a calling to be in a war zone.

Instead of flooding a conflicted potential war zone with armaments, what if peacekeepers went in and brought Deep Process workers to train others in Deep Process work in the language of the area, with mediating and healing skills, whiffle bats and journals, education in mentoring and discernment in marriage, education in the Way of the Spirit (the basic karmic knowledge of good vs. evil, the Spiritual Mysteries – star-crossed lovers, staying karmically pure etc.) For those who are karmically impure, get them to work on their issues in Deep Process Work therapy doing release work and beating on pillows with whiffle bats, doing journaling and yoga. If there is some argument between groups of people, different families or ethnic groups, they could be physically separated and amends made for trespass. Better mentoring and discernment in love lives will create harmony and peace and prevent people from becoming karmically impure. People taking out their anger in constructive ways would lessen the need for war. Everyone loves someone, everyone has a star-crossed lover, it hurts when someone dies before their time. We are all just blades of grass under the sun, people have the right to live happy unconflicted lives, receiving the basics of life (food, shelter, education, healthcare, good health, happy love lives) and following their calling for work. Also, choosing good leaders is positive, people without conflicted soul colours who are not going to become psychotic and have the best interests of the people at heart, leaders who do not trespass against others and are in happy covenant marriages, ideally to their star-crossed lover. Ask the people in conflicted countries what they need and come up with viable solutions for ensuring food, building the economy and infrastructure building. With laptops the nature of work changes and morphs into a real Community both locally and internationally, enough is not only about food and material goods but also a matter of the Spirit and being married to one’s star-crossed lover, being in a dance with home and following one’s calling for work that contributes to the Community. In the changing times a redistribution of wealth for enough so there are no more horrific travesties of starvation in Africa, human rights abuses, underground or out of control war zones. Like Jesus on the Mount sharing the loaves and fishes, I suspect when you share what you have, even if it is not very much the gift becomes magnified when included in a ritual of social communion. With the morphing tumultuous weather systems and the creation of the Internet, the world becomes aligned for the greater power of good, sharing resources and becoming realigned with the Spirit in one for peace, justice and survival, spreading the seeds of Old World Wisdom, reclaiming the Old World Village in the post-apocalypse.

The Way of Peace.



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