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World Message of Peace

It is quiet with the first cold of winter at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. I have been quilting and am getting ready for Christmas, planning a Christmas Open House. Poetry continues to write.

" The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. "
- Eric Schmidt (Software Engineer, Businessman)

" The Internet has always been and always will be, a magic box. "
- Marc Andreessen (Software Engineer, Entrepreneur)

" Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves. "
- William Hazlitt (Author)

" Peace is the first thing the angels sang. "
- John Keble (Poet, Clergy)

The following are thoughts on the New Economy and a return to reason . . .

The Internet has revolutionized the life of the artist, it is possible to have an audience and make your work public for not too much monies, its fast, easy and accessible. This is a miracle. I remember the author who used to write science fiction novels in Toronto in the 1970's, he would get the works printed up (self-publishing) and then hang out on some corner on Yonge Street, peddling his books in the street. My impression was he may not have been a bad writer, he just couldn't get anyone interested in publishing him. For access to audience the Internet has revolutionized this scenario, think of all the Artists you would never have heard from if not for the Internet, it easily and inexpensively paves the way for success, spreading the word about you, your work and art. (I find it scary to think of the number of artists whose work may have been lost or frustrated throughout history by conventional means of publication, the Internet takes the politics out of the presentation, frees artists to create and gets their work to an audience). It is inexpensive and accessible, and very easy for people to discover you in the comfort of their homes, you are beaming your message/art into the livingrooms and kitchens of not only your hometown and Canada/America but the entire world. Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter . . . ) connect people to people, events and opportunities and it may even be possible to make monies using PayPal transactions (the Internet email driven banking service). The automatic translation buttons break down the wall of language difference and can give anyone, anywhere an idea of art, protest, human rights abuse reporting, a dialogue on any topic, from business ideas to a conversation on what you are cooking for breakfast. It lets people regardless of circumstances/poverty see and be seen. It brings everyone in the world closer together so that people have an understanding of others, their needs, their circumstances, their struggle. It is the great voice of freedom and magic and has the potential to create life, peace and enough between all peoples.

I suspect with the increased number of karmically impure people (those that have had more than 5 lovers) the economy may bloom into an arts economy with people selling their art and buying other peoples art. This is the ideal when anyone who wants to work and can work is in a certain minimum pay part-time job, consumer costs are low, housing costs are low, tuition fees are low and the Internet is free or inexpensive lessening disparity issues. The idea of Internet business transactions, the safety of these transactions using Credit Cards and PayPal (I use PayPal regularly and have never had a problem).

After the arts economy, with the reawakening of the Spirit in the Economy and everyday life there could be a return to reason. With the rediscovery of sacred knowledge and the rules of Karma and the Spirit and a defusing of the cursehold of culture/geopolitics people will be in happier better discerned covenant marriages, some will be in at-home offices and children would be better cared for and better socialized. In a strong and caring Community without disparity issues there is less violence (addictions, suicide and murder), there is weight off police departments, welfare systems and the healthcare system. The translation in monies means monies saved can be channeled into the healthcare system, low cost housing and infrastructure. It is a quiet, caring, happy Community-based society that takes care of its problems before they occur through better education and mentoring of young people and without unofficial power structures that create chaos. The post-apocalypse Internet village. Everyone will club in as people fight a degrading environment, and increasingly out of control weather systems. With the dialogue of the Internet, it is easier to see and hear the truth, it becomes easier to manage the New Economy in group think with the greater will for peace and love in our times.

The Way of Peace.



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