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It is the quiet of winter evening and dark at Tea at Tympani Lane Records. In honour of Leonard Cohen I am writing "Letters from Winter", one of the best and most loved Poet/Singer/Songwriters has passed this week, he will be missed. I will be performing Spoken Word, Passengers/Passagers, in infringement Festival Montreal 2016 next week. Come by and talk to The Oracle, books of poetry will be sold at cost ($5 to $10). Stay Tuned . . .

“politics has no place in the arts”
-Rebecca Anne Banks (Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, Artist, Philosopher, Counselor, Activist)

It is the season of the infringement Festival Montreal 2016 being held for the first time this year in November. A grassroots Festival that practices inclusion of local and world artists, the venues are booked and performed at by artists/volunteers. There are no entrance fees or ticket sales, at the end of a performance we pass the hat. There is no politics in this form of festival, no one is excluded because of a lack of finances, or discriminated against, it is the true democratization of the arts.

infringement Festival Montreal 2016 runs from Tuesday, November 15th to Sunday, November 20th and will be featuring more than 50 local and international Artists, for more information: www.infringemontreal.org. I am performing in Passengers/Passagers, Spoken Word on Wednesday, November 16th, at the Rusty Shuttle Loft, 8:30 p.m.

I appreciate this Festival venue for giving me the opportunity to practice my craft, a public opportunity to bring my art to an audience. I also have performed Spoken Word and have played music in the Montreal Metro.

The infringement Festival Montreal was created after the members of “Car Stories” (a theater installation by Artist Donovan King) in the Fringe Festival were kicked out of the Festival and not given their receipts or a reimbursement of their entrance fee for offending a corporate sponsor. “When the Gazette’s theatre critic was offended by a critique of her behavior (she had demanded a free ticket to the experimental play “Car Stories”) she stopped reviewing the entire festival until the offending artists were ejected. This corporate sponsor was in clear conflict-of-interest as both a media outlet reporting on the festival and a corporation financing it. To make matters worse the St. Ambroise Fringe refused to pay artists their ticket sales after a sold out week or reimburse the hefty registration fee they charged to be associated with the Fringe trademark.”*

“Fringe politics is a very common topic among artists in Montreal due to the trademarking of the word and subsequent exclusion of artists, which has resulted in a major cultural battle for over 15 years now.”*

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Congress is based on a 1947 “Fringe” Festival, a grassroots democracy in the Spirit of the infringement Festival. After the infringement Festival Montreal was invited to this conference, recently both the infringement Festival Montreal and the Buffalo infringement Festival have been excluded from attending this year.

Elizabeth Burchell, the Head of Marketing of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has written the infringement Festival Montreal and said that as the World Fringe Congress 2016 is being hosted by Festival St. Ambroise Fringe de Montreal (the Fringe Festival) and the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals in Montreal, it is the “Fringe Festival” who decided who was invited. However representatives of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society have said they will attend the infringement Festival Montreal 2016 while they are in town.

It is in-fighting that ruins the “l’esprit de vie” for all Artists. Ideally all artists are a tribe, politics has no place in an ideal world, the role of the Artist is often a very difficult one, financially and emotionally and one that needs to be celebrated and supported despite adverse conditions. The role of the Artist is an important one that works on many levels, Artists are often early warning systems, prophets, inventors, entertainers, systems analysts, truth tellers, mythos creators and more . . . contributing to the healing, peace and the economy of the New World Community (please see November 2016 World Peace Newsletter). infringement Festival Montreal . . . The Way of Peace.



* Donovan King. A Letter to the CEO, Shona McCarthy, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, 2016.


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