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“Tonight’s the night” “Tonight’s the night” A small crowd at the beautiful Plateau loft space, people drifting in and out all evening. The stage under the tall windows at the back of the room with old wooden floors, the walls lined with original paintings by local artists for purchase, the perfect space for infringement Festival Montreal 2016.

Dana and Antoine began by playing and singing rock songs they’d written on the electric ukulele and they are thinking of launching themselves as the band “Brain Condom”. A pre-show.

Josh Smith, Buffalo, New York sensation kicks off the night with a comedic set, poems based in life, gender politics, love letters in the rain “she smells like strawberries”, We are never ever getting back together, Bad Romance. Shit people say to Poets was an hilarious send up of peoples comments, impressions, and endearing stupidities, usually spouted when they discover you’re a Poet. Dark and funny, a great comedic find. He can be found at www.joshsmithpoetry.com.

Next, This Writer performed Passengers/Passagers, reading Passengers and Scripts, Scripts and Passengers, Evening Skies. A fantastical Spoken Word performance of her latest play in poetic form, inspired by and commemorating the life of Dylan Noble, a teenager killed by police at the age of 19 years in California.

Haunted Gypsy, launched by Mariel from Buffalo New York infringement Festival played instrumental Spanish/Flamenco guitar, a great performance.

Rory with background electronica from a computer beat box, played art nouveau psychedelia on an electronic “oboe” a combined synthesizer and keyboard. The room was darkened, “Love cat #9” played in coloured rotating purple and green lights across the ceiling and walls.

A brilliant night, fantastical and fun. infringement Festival Montreal 2016. See the schedule @ www.infringemontreal.org. Stay Tuned . . .


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